someone please correct me if im wrong here as aluminum tubing is not a material I have worked with much in the past.

If you happen to be using one of Throwing Chicken's gun kits the tubing shown here will be too thick for the front handle construction. TC's tutorial is a massive help but those who arent familiar with aluminum dimensions most likely end up here looking for proper diameter, length and wall thickness tubing information.

wouldnt something like this be more appropiate for TC's kit?

http://www.speedymetals.com/pc-4571-837 ... minum.aspx

Im sure this seems like a stupid inquiry to some folks...my searches pretty much lead to this thread so it seemed like something that would need clarification for future new builders.

Thanks Guys

Rear Handle

The Rear Handle is made from "Thin Wall" Tubing
A: 1.25" (1-1/4) OD
B: 1.01" (1-1/10) ID
C: 0.12" (3/25) Wall

From the top of the handle where it meets the gun body (at the weld line) it measures 8.5" (8-1/2).

Metal stock
http://www.speedymetals.com/pc-4573-837 ... minum.aspx
lunchbox739 wrote:wouldnt something like this be more appropiate for TC's kit?

http://www.speedymetals.com/pc-4571-837 ... minum.aspx
For reference, this is what lunchman is talking about:
ThrowingChicken wrote:Image
If you went with the normal version of the Finishing Bundle, then you will be constructing your front handle like above. Take your pipe (OD = 1.25", ID = 1.125"), cut it to length, glue the ear assembly to one end, putty and smooth out the seam, then glue on the front grip. If you are using the new Front Barrel Assembly version of the kit, you can skip this step.
The link you have listed is exactly what I used on my TC 3.0 kit. I ordered it cut to 4.5 inches and it was a perfect fit.

I think the reason Vince didn't list anything for the front handle is because it varies depending on what kit you use, if you build the front assembly yourself, etc. Pretty much the only job the rear handle has to get right is to be big enough to accept the wire loom hose.
That makes sense....i was trying to phrase it from the perspective of a new builder looking for tube for their shiney new TC kit...when you search for proper tube dimensions the first result you get is this thread.....was trying to save someone from making the mistake i made and confirm the tube needed....

In retrospect this should really be in TCs V3 build thread.....thanks and apologies for the slight off topic post
There's been a lot of discussion recently about this thread. My intent in making this thread was, just as the title states, creating a resource for folks to make their OWN pack parts.

Ever since I posted it the number of sellers of aluminum parts has been growing rapidly. I guess that should have been an expected side effect (even though no one admits openly to selling parts based solely on this thread until their dimensions get brought into question).

This thread is over two years old and I have never stopped researching the packs since then. A LOT of information in this thread is dated but I have not updated it because I'm not going to keep contributing to others profiting off of the work that I've done. This is an open discussion thread yet basically no one has bothered to do any further research or add any of their findings in the last 2 years.

Very simply, if you are using this thread to complete your own pack and the dimensions are good enough for you then that's fantastic. If you are trying to sell dozens of parts runs based on this thread and you expect that you can claim accuracy because this is your foundation then I'm sorry but you're mistaken and that was never my intent.

Because of what I've been witnessing I don't have any intention of updating my findings but that doesn't mean that the rest of the community can't take the time to contribute to this thread.
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