Kingpin wrote:It's the little imperfections that really sell it, the slight scuffs in the finish on the main tank, the small bubbles in the hazard tape... making it look like a piece of gear cobbled together by some slightly made scientists that live in New York and chase ghosts. :)
Your detail work on the U-handle is incredible. The fact that you let dust and such settle on this truly uncanny build makes it look all the more real.
Seriously, I check the Slime Blower forum almost daily in hopes you post more. This is awe inspiring.
gEkX wrote:Nice work on the gun boxes.

Dry brush technique?
Thank you :) I can't express how much I hate dry brushed on silver paint for weathering. IMO it never looks realistic and just overall sloppy. Dabbing on lots and lots of solid dots gives a much more convincing effect.
Got the gun all finished up last night. Final parker brass fitting installed on its post, rear parkers installed with spacers so they sit at the right height and got the handle installed in its new hole. Now i made a bit of a dumb mistake with the handle, i spent alot of time getting that semi-circle cut out of the body, filed it all pretty then once the handle was in I couldn't help pulling it back and forth thus cutting up the soft aluminium edge. So now its a bit of a mess :( ah well at least its not too noticable.

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