For users in: Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, & Utah.
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By Turkish05
Bump for new members....

I love this group... been with them since this past September and enjoying every minute of it met some great people and we have a great show schedule ahead of us...If you'd like to join and are in the Bay Area and central valley where you don't mind the drive... feel free and welcome to post interest here or on our Facebook page The Bay Area Ghostbusters... we are always looking for more members to enjoy the fun... there are guidelines that you must adhere to and minimum requirements that can be obtained easily.

Thanks for lookin and hope we will be bustin together soon!
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By DJ Venkman
Wish I could join but I live in texas!
However I do own my own fanpage called Victoria Texas Ghostbusters and was wondering if I can get some tips! Thanks and again sorry I couldn't join!
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By Turkish05
Oh okay... well when you feel comfortable I would recommend a twitter and or an instagram account using the same name if possible... what is it are you shooting for? Meaning are you trying to go professional like? Big cons like wizard world and comic cons or just local small shows having fun? Family environment etc?
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By ramcuda
Well BAGB is aways looking for people to join us ...

We are doing a lot of media events ( more than we can attend ) as well as online indy films ect. ...
We do require a few things .. you be over 21 years old and be mature as well have a suitable uniform...
PM myself for info ...
And yes all ways looking for a Dana ....

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