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By jcr918
Anyone think it's possible will see a next gen Ghostbusters video game for Ps4,PS Vita,Xbox one etc ?

It would be awesome to see a new Ghostbusters Video game. Co op and online would be a plus and a open world. I think having these features would make this a top seller.
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By AJ Quick
The last video game did not make much money at all due to what it cost to use the actor's likenesses and voices.

I think the only way a new game would happen was if it was a tie in for a new movie. But it would probably be rushed and be not very good.
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You know after just seeing something from media connections and Atari is going under if not already. I just seen Ubisoft is doing something maybe they signed up with something?
By jcr918
Wouldn't surprise me. Next gen consoles are selling really well. I doubt they will have the original cast voices which would save a lot of money. If the game was done right like a open sandbox with missions and online play I think it would sell really well.

It would be awesome to have a open world like GTA where you go and do missions and have rewards for catching bounty's on certain ghost and be able to explore the city.
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By GalaxyRed
Maybe instead of having the game be about just the usual suspects of the Ghostbusters, you instead get to create your own Ghostbuster. I seriously don't know why that wasn't possible in the 2009 game, since the "Rookie" never spoke a word.
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By Kingpin
As detailed by one of the production staff from the game, a "custom" element was considered until the staff learned that the videogame's major cutscenes would be pre-rendered by rainmaker entertainment (makers of ReBoot), because they were pre-rendered, the appearance of the Rookie was permanently locked.
By kevinj319
Developing a sandbox world like GTA is expensive. To even make it a remote possibility, the game financiers would have to be convinced that the game would sell big like GTA does, which I don't see happening.

Although, it would be cool to have a little bit more choice in the game. Like two calls come in at once and you decide which team to go with, which slightly impacts the storyline. Or within a level, when the guys split up, you can choose who to go with which would provide a different experience. Although I am extremely happy with the game we got, a non-linear experience would be awesome. Also a mode where you could just run around a level and bust ghosts without a story or time limit, single or multi player, would be nice.

That being said, I don't see how a new game could get made about a 30 year old movie. It doesn't even really make sense to me how GBTVG was greenlighted, but I am glad it was.
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By Buckynohair
Has anyone heard any more about Ubisoft having a hand in the Ghostbusters license by any chance? Seems to have all gone quiet. I was cautiously optimistic about something being announced to coincide with the 30th anniversary, but no such luck :walterpeck:
By Buckynohair
Since Lego are just about to release a video game tie in for Jurassic park/world, it makes me a little optimistic that maybe we could get one for ghostbusters next year. The first 2 movies along with Paul Feig's Ghostbusters Threeboot. Could happen... :cool:
By philmorgan81
I am pretty optimistic too. Hopefully the new film will generate that kind of buzz. It's not really a Threeboot since it has no connection to the original films. I am still hoping that changes at some point, but it would be a great time to jump on that. I have heard rumblings that the Ghostbusters are going to be included in the Lego Universe Game. Not 100 % sure though. :) :) :)
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By joeghostbuster
at this point, the franchise seems to moving away from the original movie/director, as well as the original actors... perhaps a next-gen game using a "mish-mash" of the themes of all the GB games (console, mobile, etc) that have come out since 2009 without using actor likenesses/voices (or doubles, which is worse)... maybe something GTA-styled where you create your own character, and can have a team of up to 5 members (including full customization, where you create their looks, pick from dozens of uniforms, equipment, transportation, etc) that you can swap between etc, it would likely be online too to make it more fun. someone posted about this the other day too, just throwing my 2 cents in. ... 46&t=39459
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By jakeacc
If you search YouTube, you can find videos of people who have hacked the 2009 videogame to work with an Oculus Rift VR headset. It's a little weird since it's still in 3rd person POV not 1st-person, but kinda cool just to to walk around in a 360 degree 3D firehouse.

As for a PS4/Xbox One game, I'd be happy if they just remastered the 2009 game with current gen graphics. The pre-rendered cut scenes were fantastic, but the realtime in-game graphics had some issues. The physics/explosions could be a lot more realistic using the power of current-gen systems and the environments/textures/characters could definitely use more polygons.
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By Kingpin
I honestly don't understand why gta sells so well.
In the early days, it was the ability to commit mass carnage and chaos without any real-world repercussions.

The expanded emphasis on story and plotting will have improved things somewhat.

I can certainly understand the appeal of GTA more than "Yet another World War II combat simulator", or the latest edition of the FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer series (now those are a beautiful con, getting people to buy the same game year after year, with minor updates for players and graphics).
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By jakeacc
The mass appeal of GTA began in GTA3 when it was the first game to break out of the "level" format of games and make an open-world non-linear game. It was a "game-changer" (pun-intended) and now many games mimic this exact style.

An open-world NYC map where the ghostbusters could drive around and complete missions would be amazing. Multiplayer co-op would even be better.

I played several hours of the iOS Ghostbusters videogame by Beeline. It was essentially this exact concept, but more of a flat cartoony map instead of a 3D world. I enjoyed seeing seeing all of the markers on the maps where there was a ghost that needed to be busted, driving around making the city safer, making money to get upgrades on all my equipment, etc.
By pferreira1983
There was that drama documentary on GTA San Andreas with Daniel Radcliffe and Pill Paxton. The problem with covering San Andreas is that it really wasn't such a big event as it was hyped to be by people. It did nothing for the genre. The first GTA was an event in video game history as was GTA 3 and maybe GTA 5 due to it's graphics but everything in between hasn't offered anything new.
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By jakeacc
Anyways, getting back on topic, I think the most likely scenario for getting a GB game on PS4/XBOne is a small indie game sold solely in their online marketplaces. Last-gen systems had a few, but nothing amazing.
By pferreira1983
I don't know, didn't San Andreas introduce the wider open world which spanned more than one city? That's definitely something to write home about.
Well didn't the previous games do this? I mean the only difference between this game and the Vice City and the third game I remember is you can change your diet and go to the country. I wouldn't call that influential.
By Peterson
and maybe GTA 5 due to it's graphics but everything in between hasn't offered anything new.
GTA 4 had online PVP, but GTA V was first with an online co-op, which is what kept me coming back to it. Just messing around doing stupid things is pretty fun, but it can be really fun with a handful of friends! An open sandbox would really boost the appeal of another GB game, but I would happily take another one in the same vein as the original. Either with new characters....or if the film actors are too expensive (plus, no Harold :( ), maybe the cast of The Real Ghostbusters?
By Buckynohair
I'm fairly confident there will be a Lego ghostbusters game out sometime in 2016. With the firehouse and the dimensions set I can really see it happening. Granted, the dimensions set could also be seen as a reason to why we won't get a full retail release too. But I can see it happening. Playing through all 3 films with a nyc hub world? Yes please.

The 2009 game remastered too please
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By LandoSystem
Xbox One is starting to become backwards compatible so we may get something there.
They've recently introduced a program where Xbox Live members get a free game or two a month. Now any game that's free with Xbox 360 Gold is downloadable and playable on the Xbox One. Some of these games are a few years old and sometimes tie in with other major media releases like movies or sequels. I can easily see Ghostbusters being available come June or July.
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By Kingpin
I'm fairly confident there will be a Lego ghostbusters game out sometime in 2016. With the firehouse and the dimensions set I can really see it happening. Granted, the dimensions set could also be seen as a reason to why we won't get a full retail release too. But I can see it happening. Playing through all 3 films with a nyc hub world? Yes please.

The 2009 game remastered too please
I think we'd all love to see a fully-fledged LEGO Ghostbusters game, though I remember there was some discussion that LEGO Dimensions was aimed at showcasing some of the other LEGO titles which might not end up getting their own-stand alone game (either because they weren't big enough to have a full-game investment, or because of how popular they were - nothing official, but reasonable speculation).

If I'm proven, then that'd be awesome. I wouldn't be too surprised if we ended up seeing the included in it to flesh out the content, mind you.
By Buckynohair
If Sony don't have enough faith for another one, or whatever, I wouldn't mind seeing a Kickstarter of some kind. Granted I don't really understand how they work tbh. But if Friday the 13th can get a new game made through it then why not Ghostbusters?

Maybe Sony have things in the works already and just aren't ready to announce anything. But it's an idea for the future maybe.
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