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By kream
Hey guys,

Anyone in or around San Diego, I've heard from my local comic shop that Ernie Hudson will be present on Free Comic Book Day!!

Not sure on the exact details yet, but will update this when I know more.

Comic shop is

Superheroes in Training
945 W Valley Pkwy, Escondido, CA 92025
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By Fifthrider
Ernie is not coming out. When I heard about this earlier this morning I contacted him. He just hit me back on text message and tells me May 3rd he's going to be at Wizard World. Also, I drove to this comic store today to meet the owner, Mike. He's a pathological liar, he can't help himself, he starts with one small lie and it snowballs bigger and bigger.

Earlier this morning I went to this comic store's FB page and saw a Feb 2nd post about a paragraph long, and then at the very bottom it was added in parenthesis "( ernie Hudson will be here for free comic book day )" Okay, well, what's weird about that, aside from the fact he didn't capitalize Ernie's name? If you're having a celeb who normally works the autograph circuit then you're probably putting out some big money for them, typically somewhere in the area of $5k to $10 for an appearance fee. They don't come out for free. Despite this there is no mention of Ernie other than that little tidbit? Also, they claimed Kane Hodder ( Jason Voorhees ) is coming out which was at least promoed with a pic of him.

I reached out to Ernie immediately in the hopes I'd hear back from him today. Then I drove over to the store to inquire if they were doing anything for Free Comic Book Day. Mike had another customer in the store at the moment I asked so he made a loud production of saying "Do I?! Oh boy, we're going to have the best day ever! I've got Ernie Hudson coming out, and Kane Hodder, and Robert Englund, and artists from IDW will be here, and...." and the list kept growing. It was a suspiciously large list for such a small store that's only been in business a few years. Also, what's weird about having IDW artists out is even though IDW management is here in San Diego ( been to their offices once before ) you don't find a lot of the talent here. Many work from home in other states, or in some cases countries. So he says IDW is sending a bunch of artists out? Interesting.

Mike told me he spoke with Derek at Ernie's management company and without revealing names, it wasn't the agency that I knew Ernie to be with. He and Bert Belasco are with the same one the last I heard, and it's not the same one he mentioned.

Mike went on to talk about how he's had Gene Simmons at his store to promote the KISS comic book and how he had a live KISS tribute band playing in the parking lot and it stopped traffic, and he was so popular and... It just went on and on. I felt like I was listening to the dude's dreams, not the reality. I looked up Gene Simmons going to his store because Escondido is a small and unlikely town, and if Gene showed up here people would talk. It would be in the newspaper. ( Bill Murray owns a home in Valley Center and although he's rarely around, if he's spotted anywhere it shows up in the Escondido paper every time. ) I looked at the only online article I could find about this alleged Gene Simmons event at his store and when it comes time to talk and put things into print, he seems to completely miss anything about Gene Simmons showing up. ... escondido/

"He has held one signing already, with creators from San Diego-based IDW Publishing to promote a new “KISS” comic book series, inspired by the heavy metal band. Marte is working with IDW and other publishers to set up more signing events at his store."

Also, it doesn't hurt my case any that Ernie just wrote me and said he's already booked for May 3rd so you really don't need anything beyond that.

I really can't stand liars or frauds. Take this guy with a major grain of salt. His stories about who's coming and who's been to his store to promote in the past are dubious at best, complete lies at the worst.
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By kream
Well damn, that really sucks, and just kind of irritates me. The dudes stories did seen a bit far fetched at times, but I didn't question his authenticity. Because, really why risk the reputation of your shop. Man, can't believe the audacity of the guy, lying to someone's face about "scheduled" guests. Thanks for looking into this man, and setting it straight. Unbelievable...

Side note, dude also has taken "Preorder" tickets for autographs that are happening later, including an unnamed "Avenger". 150 a head to get into the event, which was originally going to be at the shop. But, I guess now it's at his booth at Wonder Con. Shady indeed...
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By Gloomdrifter
WTF? I thought his facebook post was just a teaser with a more official announcement still to come. Looked up Wizard World and he is booked for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th in Minneapolis. Thanks for pointing it out Fifthrider, saved me from looking like a jackass walking around with my ecto looking for a signing.
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By PssdffJay
Wait a minute. No one is wondering how Fifthrider is on a texting relationship with Ernie Hudson? Who are you and what do you do? That's awesome!
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By PssdffJay
I'm sorry, I took the sentence "He just hit me back on text message..." As him saying he just hit him back on text message. I think that sentence is rather specific don't you?

Either a text or an "email" I don't care. Still pretty awesome! Who else can say that?
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By Fifthrider
Text, e-mail... Either way it was on my phone. Chat messages and e-mails are all lumped into one inbox. Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, I have Ernie on speed dial. I text him and sometimes call him but I hate to make it a phone call unless it's really time sensitive. I e-mail him and Linda on occasion when something comes up, like last year when I invited them to join me at Club 33 in Disneyland. They weren't able to attend but maybe in July 2014 when it opens again, we'll see. His dog Zookie passed away in late 2012 but their new dog "Winston" is doing well, and loves chewing on felt tipped pens. His boys both graduated college and one is trying to get into the movie business.

There. There's everyone's Ernie Hudson moment for the day. Enjoy.

I just grabbed a quick camera pic of their Christmas card from last year on my office wall.


My point is, if someone lies about Ernie Hudson coming to their shop and I walk in and identify myself as someone who knows Ernie personally, don't stand there and lie to my face. Just because he can fool 99% of the fanboys doesn't mean the day isn't coming where someone catches him in a lie. Oh, and I can't wait to see if Robert Englund shows up and all these other people. They'll be as absent as pics of Gene Simmons from his own comic store FB page for the event when Gene personally came to his store to promote something.
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By PssdffJay
Yes, I have Ernie on speed dial.

Who are you?? I want to have that kind of friendship with him. Very cool!
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By Hoot
Sorry to hear that the guy is a liar about his promotions, especially about a friend such as ERNIE FREAKING HUDSON!
Yeah thats totally cool that youre friends with him :)
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By monolith21
So apparently the shop owner has been in tough with Harrison Ford and is "working on the details" about a meet and greet with him. Talk about setting the bar a bit too high...

I don't want to doubt the guy, but maybe it would have been a wise course of action NOT to announce these things before they are set in stone? When they don't happen his reputation will be toast!

I'm trying to reserve judgement until the dates come and go. Maybe Ernie was a mistake on his part but if the rest of these appearances don't happen it will shoot his credibility to hell. Its a decent comic store. I'd hate to see it go over empty promises.
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By CPU64
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I just met Dan Aykroyd Saturday at a crystal head signing and was just wondering how cool it would be know know Dan or Ernie in a personal level.. Then BOOM! Fifthrider is that guy!
Now all you need to say is that you have Robert Downey on speed dial and I officially have to hate you. LOL :)
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