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By gbfhs
Hi Alex, The dimensions changed as the build progressed, i had to shorten the sign in places to give it a more accurate balance but the final dimensions are 16 1/2" (42cm) square and 19 1/4" (49cm) outer most finger tip to finger tip. I think its still quite a good size. In the future if i was to make a full size sign this makes it a lot easier to scale up, probably only take half the time as this one !
By gbfhs
Some more pics of masking etc

Front shot masked at rear

Back shot masked

Rear shot painted

Rear shot de-masking

Rear shot demasked

Front shot demasked
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I have been following this thread since it started, the sign is turning out awesome, beautiful work your doing gbfhs keep it up!!!! I think that technique your using to trace from the front to the back is great, cant wait to see more.
By gbfhs
Hi CaptCyan, The permanent marker seems to have worked ok, i dont think i will back it up with paint, but i agree with what you say, i have seen thin spots etc so i let it dry for 24h then go over it again.
By 69428scj
You're doing a great job! Now, if you ever decided to make a movie size version I'd be more than willing to send some money your way to make some for me ;)
By gbfhs
Thanks for all the great comment everyone.
@ Kingpin, I have had a torch behind it and it looks pretty good, I have got a video on my phone i have just got to figure how to get it from my phone onto the computer,because i dont have a lead !
@ CaptCyan "Whats the next step ?" I am thinking of either doing another pull and painting it then building a light box so that it is like a full movie sign OR and this is a big OR making the GB2 sign the same size and building a light box so that it will have the GB1 sign on one side and the GB2 sign on the other !!!!
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By CaptCyan
I like the idea of a GB1/GB2 Sign if you have a place to hang it so it shows both sides. Otherwise, one sided and mounted flush to the wall would be a great centerpiece for any display. I'll be waiting to see what you come up with.
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By syckotheklown
For the black did you use sharpie? Or a paint marker? I know in my expieriance with sharpie after some time on plastics and such it tends to give off a purple color.
By gbfhs
Hi Kingpin, technology is not my strong point ! Hopefully it is sorted now. Appreciate it if someone can let me know. Thanks
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By CaptCyan
Glad to lend a hand. This is an awesome project. How about trying some "Christmas" LED strings to light it up? It would make the lighting more even.
By Alex Newborn
My son and I just got finished watching BTTF 3, and I pulled up some pics to show him Doc Brown's time train at USF in 1991.


He spotted this photo of the no-ghost sign in that same album. Sorry I didn't share it before, I'd forgotten about it.


Notice how they didn't paint in the black areas, they just left them white.


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