Ernest Reid wrote:Does anyone know what the deal with the STAR magazine is?? was it created for the montage and never used?
Two versions were made. One version, owned by ZedR, has the headline 'GHOSTBUSTERS SAVE JUDGE' and the other one seen in this display has the headline GHOSTBUSTERS SAVE MAYOR'.

This Mayor version is screen-used, not in the montage but it did sneak into the movie as a handheld prop. I spotted it for the first time in November of last year. (http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 3&start=90)



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Ha, cant believe ghostbusters shares the same case as that rent a cop movie
Its kind of sad to see the original props in such a state of disrepair. How would you feel if Sony restored an original prop....would that take away the history of it.
The subject title says it all, 'The Best Reference Photos Ever Available!!!' this gives me confidence that if I mess up a little on my welding that it might make it look a bit more authentic as the original props are now a little worse for wear these days but still just as cool.
twmedford23 wrote:Please fix pics. Pics are broken in the reference section, as well. If you can't or don't want to fix them, please delete these threads and links. Thanks!
You're not going to get a green card with that attitude, pal.
Sunkistshark wrote::O What happened to all the pictures?!?
Photos uploaded to image hosts aren't permanent, sometimes they can be lost due to a server failure, the host clearing space, or when they convert from being free to being a paid-only service. Other reasons are also if the privacy settings have been changed, or if the user in question is no longer interested in sharing the photographs.

That's not suggesting Vince has deliberately removed them, I believe in this case that it might've been something resulting from the image host.
I have a fairly big sized space for my web pages that have been up and available for at least a decade, and will not disappear for at least another decade.

I'd be happy to assist in hosting reference pics, but I don't have them, unfortunately.
Sailerm wrote:Image
I'm trying to figure out what this side detail is.
It's not actually a side detail, that's the lense surround of the camera that took that photograph, illuminated by the flash and reflected in the glass of the cabinet that particular Proton Pack was displayed in at the time. :)
Sailerm wrote:Image

What is this cable and cylinder detail?
The cable is part of a modification that was made to a number of the Packs (Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II) to allow them to be run off of mains electricity - the current understanding is that this was a modification made for their display at various Planet Hollywood restaurants.

The cylinder is part of the setup fabricated to hold the Makita batteries which were used to power the props made for Ghostbusters II.

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