Have you accumulated a huge Ghostbusters Collection? Talk about what you have and show it off!
FrancineStantz wrote:Nice stuff! Love the Ray's Occult ?candle? Where'd you get that?
Thanks lads more to come in the future.The Ray's Occult thing you see is (Mood Slime) from GHOSTBUSTERS II kind of a cheap prop i put together.after GB II was done it got me thinking hey Stantz may have sold the positively charged mood slime to shape up people's negative moods :P
By Letmebleed75
How did u do the slime? Do u happen to have any stickers ur willing to sell that u used for the top of the jars?
By Heroic35
Looking great man! One of my favorite collections as I am a fan of the caution striping.
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By John Stevens 87
Thanks guys,we all need our "man caves!" this collection is building up slowly...not a lot of us have money to burn,but when i do it's GB all the way :) caution striping was something that i though was missing,so i took some from my old job and had a blast :)
By Heroic35
Not to hijack your thread but I totally agree on the money to burn thing. I used to collect Ghostbusters, Batman, and some other odds and ends like Star Wars. I actually sold off most of my SW and Batman collection so I could repurpose that money towards JUST Ghostbusters. Only so much room and when you have a dedicated room, having other fandoms in the space throws it off. One theme definitely gets a better "WOW" reaction.

You are going to have to showcase your Slimers one day. I don't have much of the "spud" in my collection and am curious as some are none that I have ever seen.
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