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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for JAnderson392.

Please leave feedback for this person if you have completed a transaction with them recently. Remember to keep things factual and relavent to the discussion. Do not comment if you do not have a reason to (ex. you haven't had a transcation with them), and remember once a comment is submitted you will not be able to edit it. We also do not remove feedback unless it violates a rule, so do not be afraid to leave an honest opinion!
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By Grimmy GB
I couldn't find a feedback thread for him, so I'll start one.

I received my LC-1 waist strap today. It's in near mint condition and compared to the crappy ones that I purchased on Ebay, this one that he supplied blows them out of the water as they match my shoulder straps accurately. The shipping was smooth and fast.
Thanks, Mr. Gamler!

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By halliwax
adam put aside some shoulder straps, and waist strap for me. i was out of state for work and didn't contact him back for about 3 weeks. surprisingly he still held them for me! he has to have a hyperdrive delivery system! super fast shipping, and one stand up guy!

thanks adam for the vintage stuff!!
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By GhostBustin_84
Ordered a set of LC-1 shoulder straps and an LC-1 waist strap. Both times he shipped them fast and they arrived just as fast. Was a great guy to deal with both times and I look forward to dealing with him in the future!! :)

Many thanks again Adam!!
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By LT86
I recently ordered JAnderson392's 3D printed heat sinks. What a flawless transaction. He is quick to respond, has fair prices, and quickly shipped my package. Also, the pictures don't do them justice. The quality and craftsmanship was amazing. In his post he wrote "Please note parts will still need sanding, filling, priming and painting." Mine required very little sanding (just to remove light etching that 3D printed parts leave) and no filling was required. But in all honesty I could have just left them alone and they still would have looked great. The pattern on them kinda gives it more definition. So if you want a worry free purchase and be treated like a customer should, spend your money with this seller. I will absolutely be doing business with him again.
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By EctoRalph
I recently received my slime blower main tube and heat sinks. All I've got to say is they are amazing quality Adam has awesome communication and quick shipping. I will definitely be buying from him again. He's also very knowledgeable and helpful if you have questions.

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