By Karma
Hello, I am not building a slime blower and don't know much about them....but came across these at work and I have to scrap them. Before I do, could they work as the side bottles? Does anyone want them? They are 17-18" long (just the cylinder, from the bottom of the stem to the end) and 11" in circumference (4-5" diameter).

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By Letmebleed75
Ill take one if they match measurements. Will have to check. I think they may be a bit short?
By Karma
From the bottom of the cylinder to the top of the stem is 19".
From the bottom of the cylinder to the top of the cylinder (as if you cut off the stem) is 18".
Circumference = 11.5"
Diameter is a little shy of 4".

Like I said, if anyone wants 'em (might be good for a "close enough" project) let me know. I'm just going to be drilling holes in them and recycling them at the end of the week.....

By Karma
SpaceCoast- I live in Winter Springs. If you want I can hold them at my house and if you are in the area, you can pick up.....

LetMeBleed- according to the calculator at, $18 by parcel post.

By SpaceCoastGBs
Hey that would be appreciated. I don't know when I'll be in that area next - maybe taking a joyride to Acme and Skycraft. It would most definitely be on a weekend. Maybe one of the other guys in the Space Coast group could grab them next time he goes... If it's cheap enough to ship, like $20 or less, I wouldn't mind paying.

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