Mike Nelson is the owner and operator.
http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 4&start=60 - this is his feedback thread, although shows no activity since 2013.

I know of a few people who have purchased them and have been satisfied with the product itself - although this is no way any endorsement of him positive or negatively.
Ejgunth87 is currently building a Spengler pack from a Karnivorous Creations shell, and the amazing Stage 1 TVG pack by the father and son team of Charles "Sephiroth" Fincher and James "jimfin" Fincher was also made from one of his molds, so there are a couple of reputable builders here who will vouch for his quality... and, while I've never purchased anything from Mike, I've spoken to him before, and he's cool and pretty easy to deal with, and his prices seem reasonable enough...
Thank you for the compliments, Phil :). I do need to clarify that my TVG Stage 1 pack was built using a different shell & parts, but it does utilize a Karnivorous Creations bumper that was modified to extend during venting.

I am currently building a Spengler GB1 proton pack using Karnivorous Creations shell, motherboard and resin parts cast from actual aluminum-welded parts. The quality of the parts I've purchased from Mike Nelson are excellent and the shell is beautifully molded and very near screen-accurate in measurements/nuances. The shell does have some minor flaws; however, they can be easily corrected and are not noticeable by most fans. The shell and motherboard mated perfectly together. Very little clean-up work was needed, it is very durable and all the parts installed cleanly.

Communication with Mike has been outstanding as he has always responded timely, kept me informed and everything arrived swiftly and exactly as he described/seen in photos posted. The price-to-value that Karnivorous Creations offers makes these parts/kits very affordable while still enabling you to have a very high-quality build that you and your wallet will be very happy with.

Whoops, my bad, Charles, but thanks for chiming in, making the correction and then jumping right in to a valuable review!
Several of my fellow CTGBs have purchased shells, mobos, and bumpers from Mike without issue. They are really nice shells and have almost pushed me to the point of replacing my shell with one of his. Top quality, don't hesitate to make a purchase from him. I've talked to him several times through Facebook as well, very quick to respond and help out in any way.
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I had Mike build my proton pack for me. I did provide some of the parts as I had already purchased and he was able to use them with no problems. I was very pleased with the build quality of the pack when I received it and am still very happy with the pack. I have disassembled the pack several times to make some changes to how the electronics were wired up (used a CCTV DC jack splitter cable and pre-wired DC jacks to route power to the Amp and light kit, and also have wired in a bluetooth sound module with a on/off switch that I ran into the stereo input jack on the 50W amplifier board I had Mike use for the build, also wired in a on/off switch for the heavy props sound board as I've managed to cause it to glitch several times and I didn't want to have to take the pack apart just to remove a battery from the AA battery holder that powers the sound board to get it working again) I will probably build my next pack myself as I'm much more comfortable now with working on building props, but I'll probably source most if not all of the resin parts for my pack from Mike again.
I've been dealing with Mike for the last couple years now throughout the building of my pack. I used his thrower kit and pack parts kit after purchasing a shell and motherboard separately almost 10 years ago. I have not had a bad experience with Mike at all! Even if he did forget to include a crank knob in one of the packages, he sent one out priority at no cost! I highly recommend him and his products!
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