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By SCFoximus
Received my order from the test run of the new store either yesterday or the day before. Everything was packaged securely and is in perfect condition as always.

Thanks AJ!
By Mat
Light kit adapter board arrived and it works perfectly! It'll certainly do the trick until I can replace the soundboard (don't ask! :lol: ) The new store interface was painless and while it stated a fairly late delivery date, it shipped much sooner than quoted. Excellent service as always! :mrgreen:
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By Daniel Welch
I put in an order for a personalized name tag and got it real quick, no hassle. GBFans shop is top notch.
By Michael Gonsoski
I've ordered several things over the past couple years from the shop here at GBFans. Let me just say they have the best selection and the most accurate parts available. I've most recently ordered replica straight fittings, banjo fittings, bellows, a pack shell, mobo, light and sound kit, and today a set of thrower knobs and a hose connector. Whenever there was a problem with my shipment (which is rarely) AJ has always been super kind and helpful. I will definitely be purchasing from the shop again and appreciate all the work that goes into making these parts.
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By csullivan1980
Grimmy GB wrote:AJ...thanks for continuously coming through with your packages and the awesome services you provide.
Can't wait to get my May 1st pre-order ^^
Agreed, outstanding shipping, orders accurately filled and the best customer service!

May 1st can't come soon enough :-)
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By Hoot
So belated but better late than never.
Took on a trap pedal project and decided to order a large amount of parts from the shop here.

As always, well laid out, cart and payment process - shipping to Canada was easily done and tracked.
Even managed to avoid Customs fees this time!

Thanks again!
By methos2523
got my khaki flightsuit and patches through on saturday... sorry, forgot to grab a photo of the suit before i dyed it up... but absolutely loving the suit and the patches... huge improvement over my old one

GBFans patches on left :D

By methos2523
one thing i did notice.... don't think this will affect many people though... the GBFans GB2 name patch actually resists staining and slime...

not sure what happened, guessing it's either the fabric or a coating... but when i was sliming up my GB2 suit with the GBFans patch, when the slime dripped over the name patch, it actually beaded together and dripped past the patch without staining much... very different to the Katarra patch.


not a bad thing, just confused me as i've never seen a fabric cause resin to bead and resist before lol
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By Grimmy GB
Placed 3 separate orders within a month's span. The second and third orders made it on or before the expected time and with the usual amazing quality parts. The first order, however, (which contained a Lithium-ion battery) was a month late; this is all at fault on the USPS, not GBFans. AJ did the legwork on declaring the package a loss after 15 business days via protocol and sent me another only to have it recalled back to him once the original package showed at my doorstep.
AJ....thanks for the amazing service and putting up with me.
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By Zharthaddeus
Became a member the first week of June and wasted no
time comparing prices with other sellers. The Shop was very reasonable
and was astounded by the delivery date. I ordered the basic details
for the uniform and pretty much received just about everything.
I ordered on three different occasions and was satisfied with the results.
GB fans have a good thing going here, I hope it continues.

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By Cyberkorr
Just received my metallic stickers and goggle knobs. Fast shippiing and the products came packed well and look fantastic!! Thanks again AJ! I'll be putting in another order soon for the rest of my uniform parts. then.... the pack!
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By DarkSpectre
Ordered the wand lights and sound card from GBfans. Amazing! Shipping was fast and such well made and easy to use. This is my first pack in 10 years of building that has sound. Thanks, AJ!
By alphabeta001
Just received the first of my orders from the shop for the year, ordered during the hiatus and arrived very quickly. Perfectly packaged and no customs charge was a lovely bonus.
Thanks AJ
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By ghostfan003
I've bought many an item from the GBfans shop; from the fiberglass shell & mobo, to cliplites, tubes, the trap pedal... you name it. I have found shipping to be incredibly reasonable and quick, depending on the type of item. Products made to order are usually done in a reasonable amount of time. I have zero complaints.
By alphabeta001
More of my orders have arrived, quickly and very well packaged. I had a question regarding one of the packages and AJ replied super fast. Many thanks.
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By Grimmy GB
Placed another order for full electronics for a friend's pack. Also contacted AJ to addition some elbow pads to the original order (thanks again for doing that). Everything shipped one week sooner than projects which was the icing on the cake. As usual; a smooth transaction, excellent product, and great communication.
By alphabeta001
Received more of my parts from the shop including my light kits.

Everything has been well packaged and perfect. So happy with everything I ordered.
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By Cyberkorr
Placed an order for uniform parts to complete my uniform build. Patches, hose, connector, and elbow pads. The parts came packaged well and the quality of the pieces was superb! Shipping time was a day faster than estimated. That's a plus for me!! Can't wait to start ordering pack parts!!!
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By barison82
I placed my very first orders with the GBFans shop in early July 2015 and since then I've placed multiple orders for many parts and uniform accessories. Every transaction has been flawless and handled professionally - well packaged items (love the way that many of the individual components are vacuum sealed in little bags with the no-ghost logo printed on them; what an awesome touch), tracking info and a full invoice sent with every order. Top quality with everything received, the online store really has made it possible to attain a highly accurate pack and uniform build here in London. Could not be happier! :)
By FatBoi
Ordered a few things. Fast shipping, great parts and packaged very well. One question though, the banjos I got for the gun. The bolt hole isn't big enough for the banjo bolt, is that normal? Just the threads go in.
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By AJ Quick
FatBoi wrote:Ordered a few things. Fast shipping, great parts and packaged very well. One question though, the banjos I got for the gun. The bolt hole isn't big enough for the banjo bolt, is that normal? Just the threads go in.
I will have to look into this. Is it just a close fit, or is it off by a fair amount?

It is possible my machine shop ran an old file with the wrong diameter. I'll check it out when I'm back at the office tomorrow.
By FatBoi
AJ Quick wrote:I will have to look into this. Is it just a close fit, or is it off by a fair amount?

It is possible my machine shop ran an old file with the wrong diameter. I'll check it out when I'm back at the office tomorrow.

It's not off by too much.
By FatBoi
That's awesome. I wasn't even looking for a replacement. Just thought you should know. Thank you again for the quick response and awesome customer service.
By OneLazyNinja
I placed an order for Spectral Ghostbusters game peices on Nov 22 and have not received anything yet. This is my first time ordering from gbfans. Did not receive any email or anything yet. Is this normal?
By abaka
Shop wait times are somewhat frustrating at the minute. I placed an order on Nov 15th and it still hasn't shipped, nor is it expected for another 4 days. Never experienced a wait time like that in my time ordering from GBFans including Halloween rushes.
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