Discuss the Ghostbusters Comic from IDW, as well as the now defunct Ghostbusters: Legion series.
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By mrmichaelt
The Get Real TPB has shown up on Amazon for $17.99 preorder. Just the #1 regular cover for now. I'm sure Dan and Luis will bust out a new cover soon enough. The Amazon date is December 17 so the general release should be December 2 tentatively. Last year, the trade set for December (volume 9) came out on the 10th. So around the first half of the month is a safe bet when all is said and done.
By Peter Venkman Jr.
Just read issue three today, it was a real blast seeing IDW Ray visit the Real Ghostbusters firehouse. Also I must say that the dialogue all around the issue is some of the funniest I have read in quite some time.
By philmorgan81
Ah, This is so awesome. It's like being a kid again. I still have these VHS tapes. I love the detail on the Magic Window logo. Done up in a very unique way where it's the silhouettes of the 2 different teams doing their Parade March and instead of Magic Window they say Interdimensional Portal. They just make these dedications look so effortless. I don't what else I can say but, WOW!! :):):)
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By gboy6
Now that the trade is out, is there different parallel universes from what was seen in the individual issues?
By philmorgan81
Yes in the scene where Proteus's dog is sniffing out dimensions, instead of seeing the Hulk Hogan Rockin Wrestler universe we see a universe of Robo Busters. Instead of seeing the Filmation Ghostbusters universe we see the 2 rookies from the Stylized Version of the Ghostbusters Video Game. :):):)
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By robbritton
Kingpin wrote:
robbritton wrote:Will be interesting to see if a similar plot is used in the future to bring the original team together with the 2016 movie teamt.
I wouldn't bet money on it.
Kinda wish I had, just now! ;)
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By robbritton
I have a belated question about this series, I guess mrmichaelt is probably the man to ask, but I'll open the floor to everyone! When Proteus first appears in Claudia's room, towards the start of issue 1, there is a little white featureless figure sitting on top of her doorframe. Anyone know what that refers to? It looks like one of the little robot dudes from Les Maitres Du Temps, but I can't think of a Ghostbusters connection!

I don't think it was mentioned in the Easter egg round up, so was just wondering!

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