For users in: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, & Wyoming.
By pseadynamo
please explain as I have 3 day pass but have not been in a masquerade per say...
By neilfro
I'll be attending again this year as a Ghostbuster with a 3 day pass. Also will be bringing along 2-4 more ghostbusters. I would love it if we could plan a meetup and get some big group pictures. Along the lines of the group shots you see at a dragon con. I know last year on Friday and Saturday I must of seen 10+ ghostbusters. It would be groovy to get everybody together at some point.
By richardj533
we just have to be registered with comicon and and also preregistered with comicon in the masquerade,no more on the spot entries due to large numbers of contestants from previous get in as a group,one person has to enter the group with all the names.
anyone wanting to be in the masquerade can send in their names so I can enter them,is that ok?
By neilfro
Any updates on any ECC plans or group meets ups during the weekend? We are about 60 days out.

I'm pretty sure somebody has a Ecto in Seattle. I'm hopeful that it will make an appearance during the weekend.
By pseadynamo
Ok so the masquerade is just on Saturday I take it. I was planning to be there before noon as parking is awful.
When you said 1pm at the bridge are you saying the suspended walkway inside the center or is this outside where the sidewalk goes over I-5?

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