Lewis Tully wrote:Those boots are friggin awesome! Do you have a link on them?
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SPJ wrote:Those boots look cool but I bet they weigh a ton, or do they?
They actually aren't too bad weight wise. The toecap is made of a composite material instead of steel so that reduces the weight a tonne.
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Ok, been a while but getting back into this project to knock it off the list.

I've decided to put actual fabric patches on the shirt to go the authentic route. I've ordered some GB2 nametags from AJ at 75% normal size, and i've ordered the GBNY left arm patch. I've got a JoeLuna GB1 patch, so that will be on the right arm.

Looking at the back of the shirt though, i've decided to get a large patch made up similar to these:

Now to work out whether to get just the GBNY patch, or have a smaller one below it as well:

I've chosen ELIMINATOR for the mock-up, but i'm open to suggestions.
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Not bad!
Came out looking really good. Awesome work!

Am curious myself as to the maker and model of the boots you got. Also the belt holster for the sound meter on the back of your belt is that made by a member or is that something that exists already?
B-Rad wrote:Came out looking really good. Awesome work!

Am curious myself as to the maker and model of the boots you got. Also the belt holster for the sound meter on the back of your belt is that made by a member or is that something that exists already?
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Damn, has it really been nearly 2 years since I worked on this, lol.

Anyway, I dug out my shirt today and FINALLY put the arm patches on. Ended up going with the original Velcro patches I'd ordered. Now to order the back patch...


I placed the GBNY logo too low, but luckily had an old Proton Charging patch with the flames, so that ties the theme together nicely:


Having the morning cup of coffee and catching up on the latest headlines:


One more patch to go and then it's finally done:

I still think this concept could have worked in a new movie, but alas we got sanitation overalls, lol.
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Thanks guys.

Another purchase today. Streamlight Survivor Flashlight. It was a toss up between the yellow or orange, but ended up going the orange as nearly every picture I've seen of turnout gear features an orange flashlight:


And I was thinking of a jacket to wear over the top in cooler conditions. Thinking either plain navy softshell with patches, or finding a short navy jacket with hi-vis striping similar to this:

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Lookin good! I got off of getting this together myself, I started to source things then stopped when it came to the boots since still haven't seen them become available in my size. With the new movie hype and such I am planning to get back on putting either this or the normal uniform, would like to do both.The boots have been the major hold up, since I'm not for getting something just temporary though it may come to that haha.
I think I've narrowed down the jacket choice to one of the following:


Varying levels of reflective tape, as well as length and material. "B" looks like it may be too light in color, but it is listed as Navy. The jacket I listed in the ealier post I can't find for anything below $250. These jackets are around the $100 mark.

Also B-Rad, is it the Oliver Boots you're looking for? I could keep an eye out as they are Australian Made boots.
Yea those are the ones I've been looking at, same as yours. According to the sizing chart they have I am a size 11 US so I'd need a size 10, unless they run big or small. I've been keeping my eye out on eBay au and I've seen them on there just not in my size, not lookin to spend a fortune on them either.

I'm still gonna keep looking to see if there I can find anything new that works thats more attainable for me but yea if you run across anything let me know.
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In terms of the jacket if option B is the correct color to match I like that best. A looks to generic and C seems a little overkill to me. B just has that right balance. But I really do like the one you posted earlier best. But toot ally get not wanting to spend that much.
Option B it is. I like the minimal amount of reflective material over option C which seems like overkill.

Now for the patch configuration. Not sure if I should do the name and back patches along with the arm patches:


Or just the arm patches:


I have the magnetic nametags still, so arm patches with removable nametag is also an option.
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