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By Richierich
Hello all!!! So ive been reading through all the builds for some time now and there is some incredible builders out there, well I'm not one of those hahaha. I do have a gift for turning junk into useful items. I have scratch built two proton packs from basically junk and I thought id give the blower a go. First let me say I had no intentions of building this 100% screen accurate, so before you go busting my balls understand that. I used slimer7's plans and read through every build and forum I could. My intentions were to build a blower with as many free items and hardware store finds I could. I want to thank all those before me for their hard work and hope this thread helps future builders understand that you don't have to have a bank roll to prop build. My materials were mostly cardboard, paper mache, hot glue, epoxy, some plastic and duct tape, and lots of spray paint. With all that said here we go.
So here is the basic lay out of what I stated with. I got this "new age" alice frame for free from a good friend in the military, at first I didn't think it was gonna work but....more on that later. The small tubes were free from ups, four inch shipping tubes, and the main tank was a concrete forming tube, also free from a contractor friend of mine. The balls for the smaller tubes were Styrofoam balls from Hobby Lobby $4.99 for four of them. The boxes were just that, cardboard somewhat cut out to the dimensions from the plans. They didn't come out 100% but whatever. Image Image
So on to the domes for the main tank. Everyone I saw going this route used plastic bowls. Well I searched and searched and never could find anything close. I guess my luck ran out. So I reached in deep to the third grader in me and found a solution. PAPER MACHE!!! I bought some balloons from the dollar store and a tube of wood glue. Balloons $1.00 glue $1.00. Voila!! I got ghetto domes son! Which by the way were hard as a rock. Image
Somewhere along this build I guess I forgot to snap a few pics. Nothing important, just paint and more paper mache. But I did land a awesome find, back to that frame. A friend kept telling me he had this awesome vacuum you could ware on your back that would work great for a slime blower, well I was skeptical, and I was right, but it did have this bitchin strap set up that was perfect. Kidney pads and all. I just stripped the vacuum down and salvaged what I needed.Image Image
After several burns from hot glue, I'm clumsy, it stated to come together. I scored some lights from the dollar tree around Christmas, battery operated LEDs, I Used some for my belt gizmo and pack. There is ten on a strand and there great. These had little ornament balls on them which was perfect for the lights on the blower. Two sets of lights $2.00 Image Image
Anther trip the hard ware store and to Hobby Lobby and this things stating to come together. Six inch Styrofoam ball $4.99, rust red craft paint $1.49, Hazard sticker $1.99, Split loom $2.49 and the spot lights were from Harbor Freight, clearance for $2.99 a piece. I used the head lamps. Image
I harvested a heat sink from a old computer I found on the side of the road, I use the fans and magnets from the hard drive to make stir plates for yeast staters, different hobby. The connectors or whatever their called were pvc fittings $.80 a piece. Image
Well I ran out of ideas for the gun part. Ive seen great home built guns but I cant seem to find what to use for the cone. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the build and I hope I inspire some folks to think out side the box when it comes to prop building. Thanks again and I'm taking suggestions for a free/cheap gun! Will trade beer for resin parts, just saying!!
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By jason407
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Looks good! It looks like the IMG tags are doubled up...try editing and removing the doubles at the beginning and end of each image.
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By Richierich
How's the Mollie frame hold up? The build looks great!
So that's the name of it!! Thank you, don't know why I couldn't find it. Its great. Super light weight and comfortable. My wife is making the head rest for me and then I'm gonna have the labels made. your build was the inspiration for this one. Thank you for the love.
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By Richierich
It was? that's awesome! And not a problem my man. Too bad I got rid of the old cannon for ours, I'd have sent it your way
Well I appreciate the thought. Any pointers for a scratch built one? Having trouble figuring out the cone.
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By DarkSpectre
We used a funnel and capped it off. originally we were going to make it shoot silly string but that never materialized. The funnel I used was one of the long ones that you use for transmission fluid. I think I got it at Walmart. I ran 2 screws to anchor it to the main pipe.

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