Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
I was just gonna post this :D

It is indeed very interesting, especially considering the fact that Blitzway are (almost) Hot Toys quality considering the head sculpts (their Fight Club figures are worth to check out for comparison).

The Soldier Story ones look good, but nowhere near what is possible head sculpting wise...

EDIT: wrote this before clicking the link, just as I said, check out the Fight Club figures ;)
To go for years without movie Ghostbusters toys... To where we are now- Actually having to pick and choose between companies. Crazy.

I may have to skip the Soldier Story for 1/6 and go Blitzway, but I may stick with Mezco for the 1/12.

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd complain about too many figures haha.

But we're going to have:
1/6 scale figures from Blitzway and Soldier Story
1/6 scale Ecto from Blitzway
1/12 scale figures from Blitzway and DST

So many... Granted, I won't afford the Blitzway and Soldier Story stuff in all likelihood... with Soldier Story in the $150 range and Blitzway in the $250 range... I don't even want to think about what the Ecto will cost.
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Doctor Venkman wrote:I never thought I'd see the day when I'd complain about too many figures haha.

But we're going to have:
1/6 scale figures from Blitzway and Soldier Story
1/6 scale Ecto from Blitzway
1/12 scale figures from Blitzway and DST
And in addition to that, Chronicle Collectibles also announced 1/6 figures...
Knowing how easy the reference material of the car as it appeared in 1984 is to get, and how despite that few people working on these projects seem to use it, I wouldn't be surprised if it's post conversion, reversed sniffer tower and replacement lightbar and all.
So, found out the other day the artist who did the fight club durden figure is working on blitzways gb line. Goes by K.A. Kim, used to work for hot toys, mainly on marvel figures (cap america, thor 2, amazing spiderman, etc...) her instagram has a lot of images of her stuff, all amazing works. Im looking forward to the reveals this month
Blitzway is posted another teaser of the GB 1/12 and 1/6 figures. See below.

Image ... res-211027

They will be at SDCC. Between this and the soldier story figures we will be able to pick our poison. Soldier Story figures haven't been bad so far on the onesixth forums. Venkman from GB 1 is great, Venkman's screaming face from GB 2 is kind of odd and doesn't seem to come with a pack, Egon from GB 2 looks great but given the price of 1/6 scale figures I will only buy them in their flightsuits, Kevin from the new Ghosbusters looks awful and he kind of has asian features now it is kind of odd but they "usually" improve the sculpt before release, and the Holtzman figure looks pretty spot on. Just trying to decide if I buy the new Ghostbusters plus Kevin. The reboot wasn't as bad as I thought it might be but I'm a little worried that they will get a cooler look in the sequel. Soldier Story will probably be the cheaper route and hover between $180-$215 a figure if I had to guess. Blitzway we are probably looking at $220-$250 a figure. Google Blitzway and Fight Club to kind of get a feel for their quality. Blitzway "should" be the better of the two and can't wait till SDCC for pics.

I don't work here or get a kickback but if you want to save on figures hands down has the best prices, no taxes, and free shipping when you spend $350. You don't have to spend $350 on every order and in the order comments you can say pay with paypal, paypal e-mail, and please combine with other orders for free shipping. I typically save $15 - $30 a figure plus shipping costs vs places like sideshowtoy, alteregocomics, bigbadtoystore, and hobby-galaxy. (Don't go hobby-galaxy. They used to have great prices but the last two times I've bought from them you get a month or so before it releases and e-mailed me that they messed up on the price and will need an extra $20 when it ships.) It's not a lot but when you are talking about a $60 to $100 savings for the main 4 it helps. Could pay for a slimer if they make one.
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Your paying closer attention than I was and beat me to posting =(

But yes, excited for SDCC reveals this weekend. Can't wait to see what both companies will unveil next and maybe better pics of both sets. These figs however are looking pretty great so far even if its just the backside. Packs light up in all the right spots, and the hose isn't ridiculous long like mattels. Hoping the lights will have the accurate light movements too. All we can do is wait and see =x
Those look amazing! MY wallets already crying at me looking at these, I'm afraid to even ask what the price will be. I just hope they stagger the release of each or have some kind of payment plan.

My only criticism is that they all look like they are squinting or something which kind of throws me off a little, Ray and Winston have it the most.
Holy crap those look good!
How did I miss that?!?

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