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By Jeff Haas
This is a new mobile game, on iPhone/iPad and Android. I got it on my iPad, it's a lot of fun! It's like a lot of current mobile games, designed to give you very short game levels, with collectibles to upgrade your character. It uses a cartoony art style and has a lot of good sound effects. Easter Eggs with stuff from the original films are scattered here and there.

There are in-app purchases, but as usual, you can ignore those and watch a video for another game to get some in-game currency.
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By WhoaFoogles
I was really liking this as a quick little distraction like the old GB iOS game was, but I just hit the free-to-play "wall" where the difficulty spikes something terrible. Stepping onto a level and failing after two or three hits by a ghost I couldn't even see is causing my interest to wane pretty quick, and there's no ability to go back and "grind" up enough power to overcome it. Which is unfortunate, because this is actually kind of entertaining otherwise.
By UntouchableGen
Wow, when did this game come out. for the longest the only Ghostbusters game on google play was the phone camera one. Now they even have pinball on there!
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By Roger
I wanted to like this game so much as I love the artwork, customization, and stuff but the game play is lacking.
All you do is zap ghosts on a very tiny screen and everything is bunched together. Oh well.

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