News first broke of Rubies' intent to produce a "Delux" Ghostbusters costume three years ago, and despite efforts by members of the fan community to learn more about the project, a lack of subsequent updates or of a release date had fuelled speculation that production on the costume replica had been cancelled.

That changed today with the company announcing not one, but two new upcoming Ghostbusters additions to its Grand Heritage line based on the franchise, one styled after the Proton Pack and suit from the classic 1984 film, and one based on the new 2016 reboot.

Projected to cost around $299.99 for both the 2016 and 1984 versions (with a further plus-size option for men at $349.99), the Grand Heritage costumes are expected to go on sale this September.
The classic pack looks super small while the reboot pack seems closer in size. The wand looks good on the reboot too but for that price I'd rather just make my own or modify the projector toy. Compared to the things fans have come up with on much smaller budgets, they don't look particularly good at all.
Chris90 wrote:I think the real question here is where did they get that nice fight suit with the accurate brass zippers :O
I would assume they're producing it themselves. I'd wager it costs more for them to make the flightsuit than it does the cheap rubber pack.
Rubies costumes are never as good as the pictures. I purchased their Deluxe Darth Vader suit for $90, and the only thing salvageable from it was the cape. The rest was cheap material and badly molded rubber. The flight suit may look good, but is probably very uncomfortable material to wear.
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Well the flight suits look decent...but it is rubies... Wonder how long the patches will actually last.
Tight-Pants Jack wrote:The flight suits are pretty good, especially the 2016 outfits which even have the expanded collar. They may help justify the heavy pricetag, even with the rubber packs.
I don't know... the 2016 suits don't even have the leg stripes. If they're going to cost that much, you'd think they would be a little more accurate.
I like the suits, i assume it comes with Velcro name patches so you can be different busters. Rubber pack seems durable and great for a kids toy, But i can buy the new toy pack that projects light for $30 and get all 4 flights suits all together for under $299.. I wonder what the profit margin is?

Is there a no ghost logo on the flight suits?
Hey, not to take business away from Rubies--and everyone can certainly order whatever jumpsuit they want--but I picked up one of these off Amazon and I must say I am very, very impressed: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01 ... UTF8&psc=1

The reflective tape is the right size and in the right places, the buttons are jeans buttons like on the movie jumpsuits, the collar is asymmetrical just as in the movie, there is reflective tape on the legs so that if you don't have the black boots and shin guards yet, you can just pick up a black pair of Cons/fire boots/blue flower rainboots and rock Halloween.

I am very impressed and it fits me well. It's hard to tell from the photos on Amazon, but the closure is a nice, heavy-duty zipper extending from the crotch to the breastbone.

If anyone has any questions about it, please let me know.
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