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Seeing as I got a bee in my bonnet and have several 3D printers at my disposal, I've decided to embark on my own pack project. Hopefully I can stick with it and not get sidetracked. A deadline of Halloween has tentatively been set (for now), so fingers crossed.. I'm using Stefan's Proton Pack plans as a starting point, then modelling the thing in Cinema 4D, adding little things like weld beads and mountjng points for greeblies and electronics..

Beat with me. I only just put the first part on, but here's a screengrab of the 3D model as I have it so far.. Just the cyclotron (which has been quartered) and a seperate N filter..

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Two more parts done, though because the filament got snarled up at the end I'm redoing the N filter.. Instead of adding the holes to the print, I decided to go with pilot holes instead, because that'll give me a cleaner result. The faux weld seams came out nice, mind you..ImageImage

Well.. Stage 1 is complete..

I wanted to do more 3D modelling over the weekend, but couldn't take my computer home (I had to take my motorcycle to work as the car is being fixed).. Hopefully more can happen this week. Need to keep up momentum.


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