Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
They are up for sale guys! Even better it is timewalkertoys. (I don't work for them) I switch to this company since you typically save $7-$15 a figure and free shipping. You can even ask them to ship with other orders. You only need to ship at least two 1/6 figures usually to get free shipping and they come packed well. Here's a link. You do have to pay a $90 dp and there's a payment plan (they don't normally offer that). ... -47898.htm

Comes with a free slimer if you buy all 4. They also sell individually and a pack without Winston for some reason. You can count on sideshow to sell these for $220-$225 plus like $15ish shipping per guy or probably $45ish for all 4.
sdcc had the 6 inch slated for around the same time, but atm, no word on pre-orders for those as far as I know.

The Blitzway site states the Ecto-1 goes on pre-order beginning of next year, as early as january possibly. They also say they MAY show it at nycc in october, but also said that wasn't set in stone however.
I have been speaking with Blitzway through their Facebook page about the 1/12 figures. They state that there are currently no plans to include alternate heads from the ones currently shown. :(

I really hope that changes.

Well the real ecto-1 is probably about a 1/3 longer and and twice the weight of the delorean. So If the 1/6 Delorean cost around $1000. I wonder how much theyll ask for ecto? My real problem is justifying buying it. I dont think i have a shelf big enough . im guessing this thing is going to be around 3.5 feet long and a foot wide
ccv66 wrote:Any hint on the price yet?
I did some digging to see if I could uncover anything that might have been said. So far I haven't seen anything official and trust worthy. Someone did say that a blitzway rep said in the $1000 range followed by "we want to keep it affordable". Not sure how reliable it is. Speculation in the community seems to hit around the $800-900 range.

If I were to venture a guess myself, I'd probably say $900. The tag next to the car I believe said Q4 2018, which I'm thinking will probably end up being 2019 if it makes production. No matter what the price is, there is over a year at the very least to save for it. lol
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ccv66 wrote:I believe the 1/6 Delorean was in the $800 range. The 59 Cadillac is a much bigger car, I think around 10 feet longer . So I figured it had to be more, if they can keep it under a grand definitely something I'll get. Too much more makes it hard for me to justify spending on a display piece
If I'm remembering correctly, the comic shop near me, and other online retailers, were selling the DeLorean for about $680-ish. There was a moment where I almost decided to pick it up.
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