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By Jonathan314
These are the 3 custom packs that I made for us. I will have more pictures up of us all in full gear after I get them back from the photographer. I really like the way they turned out. Each pack has its own containment unit and powers the side arm pistol/trap gun. Each buster is equipt with a primary weapon with ecto-optics. Let me know what you think guys. I worked really hard on all these.
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[img] ... sort=1&o=1[/img]
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By Marcus
None of the links are working. I've found with Photobucket, the best way is to copy the Direct Link, and put the IMG code around it yourself. The IMG link PB gives you is wonky.
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By Marcus
While an Omaha franchise would be a nice end result (and I'll admit I havent looked enough into it to comment properly on it), I think the most important thing to start out would be to get a nice solid core group of people together that can function as a group, lol. Sometimes that's easier said than done. I'm coming from a 501st/Rebel Legion background and I've seen how much drama can be injected into the wearing of costumes. I would rather see a bunch of us hanging out and 'busting than to worry right away about titles and ranks and what-not.

I started the Omaha Ghostbusters FB page in order to attract like-minded individuals. I sort of had an image of a group of GB's that would do things like going to (and setting up a both even) at con's; parades; other geeky-type events where we'd be appreciated (free comic book days, etc). I'm in the process of converting my white HHR into an Ecto, and I could see us "patrolling" neighborhoods on Halloween, all lights and sound and music and handing out candy from it. I have a vivid imagination, lol. But thats where I'm coming from...
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By timspork
That's something I could get behind. Ranks and stuff don't really seem to fit with the ghostbusters to me. I'd be happy to meet for any events.
By CassiusClay85
Hello fellow Nebraskans! I live in Omaha and have yet to find another Ghostbuster yet. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places...
I tried searching for the Omaha Ghostbusters page on Facebook but couldn't find it. Is it up and running still?
I'm in the process of building my full Hero pack, which I'm about 40% done. It's a slow process with a full time job, 2 kids, and school going on but I hope to have it done by next summer. I'd love to find others in the area and figure out things to do once my entire costume is completed. I'm interested in going down to the con in KC if I can get it done by then. Give me a shout and let me know who all is out there!
By brogoming
Hi I'm kind of new to this sit but I figuring it out. um but I also live in Nebraska but far from Omaha(two hours way) anyway I'm surprised to hear that there is Ghostbusters in Nebraska or even any where so I just thought it would be cool to type a person that is in Nebraska that also likes Ghostbusters. any ways thx for reading and I hope I can talk to more Ghostbusters. :cool:
By dallocco
Hello, Im new to this site/forum and I live in Omaha, NE. This is my first time posting on this site. Just created an account and not sure how it all works yet. I wanted to see if anyone here in Nebraska can tell me a little bit about or if there is any lists or any events nearby or coming up in 2017 that I could take my kid to see an ecto-1 or some ghostbuster fans or cosplayers or whatever the technical term for anyone that dresses up and looks like a ghostbuster. My son just turned 3 and I am seeing my childhood through his eyes. Its amazing what a 3 year old can do and bring out the inner child in me. He loves ghostbuters and wants to see an ecto-1 and bust ghosts and meet a ghostbuster. I want him to have great childhood memories like I did when I was a kid and I dont know where to start or find out about ghostbuster events or things like this to take him to that are somewhat nearby Nebraska and Iowa.
If anyone here can help point me in the right direction or let me know where to look or keep me posted I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, - Dave
By dallocco
Hello there, I'm new and live in Nebraska. Not sure how this all works yet, just wanted to see if there are any ghostbuster related events that anyone knows about coming up for 2017 in and or around Nebraska or Iowa that I can take my kid to or have him see an ecto-1 or meet some ghostbuter fans that have the full on costume or cosplay or dress up or whatever the correct term for it is. He is 3 and loves ghostbusters and wants to see a car or meet some ghostbusters this year.
I dont know how this all works or if there are any ghostbuster groups in or around Nebraska or iowa that do any conventions or meetups or events etc?

Thanks, - Dave
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