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Earlier tonight, Ghost Corps broke the news on their facebook page that three film reels from the production of Ghostbusters had surfaced in the private collection of director Ivan Reitman.

Of the three reels, two are clearly labelled as to the scenes that are recorded on them: the Sedgewick Hotel honeymooners, and the much-discussed Fort Detmerring sequence.

The final reel refers to Bill Murray, but it is yet unknown what scene or scenes this may refer to. It is also unknown at this time as to whether the Honeymooners scene is the same version present on previous DVD releases of the movie, or if it is a different version, as well as the state of any visual effects present in the scenes.

This is an exciting development, and GBFans will report when more information about the new material is revealed.

Note: please visit the topic for the uncropped photo of the reels
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The uncropped photo of the reels, and Ghost Corps' original message:
Ghost Corps wrote:It's time for another #TBT vault find! These reels came from a box in Ivan's personal storage and we're pretty excited to have uncovered some unreleased scenes! #Ghostbusters
The Murray reel is dated October, months after the film came out. Very interesting.

You know what I wish they'd find? The phone message that Murray and Aykroyd recorded when the commercial was run with a 1-800 number.

Checking the Sept. 83 shooting script, scene 51 does correspond to the Honeymoon scene, which we've possibly seen before in the DVD Scene Cemetery.

Scene 117 is the exterior arrival of the Ecto at Fort Detmerring, with Scene 118 being an interior 'Gunner's Corridor' scene at the Fort where Ray and Winston decide to split up.

Oddly, scene 125 is denoted as Omitted, but is smack in the middle of the 'Officer's Quarters' footage which was cut down for the dream sequence in the montage.

I am personally VERY interested in seeing Scene 117, to confirm for once and for all if that's Stripes alum John Voldstad as the Park Ranger.

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I'd like to see the ft. detmerring scene. theres a great picture of winston and ray getting out of the ecto 1 from that scene and have always wanted to see it. id also like to see the scene where ecto 1 is getting a parking ticket.
I don't think these are standard 3/4" VHS tapes, unless that guy's hand is tiny.

These are something larger, implying professional equipment. I've seen broadcast quality half-inch tapes before, though, and these don't look quite that bulky.

Very exciting for what kind of fidelity it might offer.

EDIT: Oh, well, the description says film reels. That would be the best fidelity of all, hopefully.

The description from Ghost Corps said the image is of film reels.

But yes, Betas were smaller than VHS.


And just because I happened to have one on a nearby closet shelf, here's a standard VHS compared to a TV studio professional half-inch tape.





It looks close, but I think the Ghost Corps pics are too slender to be any large format of tape. They're probably actually film reels or canisters inside the paper boxes.

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The Murray reel is dated October 84... after the movie was already out. Probably promotional interview stuff.

But who knows? It could be the alternate takes used for TV editing. Those would be nice to see in a better quality.

Obviously it'll depend on just how they're thinking of presenting them, with the 35th anniversary in 2019, they might be holding onto them to release a new version of the bluray for that year. Hopefully we'll hear something soon.
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Ok, so hopefully they'll be a bonus feature on Ecto Force's DVD release, if they don't release the reels sooner. :)

I wonder what network it will air to. I think SONY stuff usually goes to ABC, but I'm not sure. It may go straight to Netflix, I think a few shows have done that recently. If so perhaps it won't get a DVD release.

The reels could be released online just to generate hype for the release of Ecto Force, or something else entirely.

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