Have a guide or tutorial? Post it up!
I'm confident in my programming skills (I've programmed many a thing and built my own computer, etc), plus there's code posted for the cyclotron lights.
So I don't have the standard questions here.
My basic question is WHICH ITEMS TO USE?
I KNOW I want to use the Neopixel RGB 60 strip. I know I need an Arduino board to hook up to it to program it, and I know I need a 5-6 volt power source to power it.
Which Arduino board should I use? Which battery? (Has to be a battery and not a wall cord, because proton pack).
Again, I'm confident of my building and programming skills once I have the correct parts. :) Thanks!!
Aduino Uno should work and you want the 60 led ring not the strips. Bad part is that the ring only comes in 1/4 sections that have to be connected (which I hear and from personal experience isn't easy) The strips would work well if you're going for a more outward light spread other than the straight on look from the film. Otherwise, good luck! Hope that helps!
The uno is good but it is big. I use these in my projects and have one uno that I protoype with


3 tiny boards with most of the pins of the uno for $11. I use these in lots of projects so it's good to have a few on hand :). I'm doing a scaled proton pack for my son with these nanos and the Adafruit audio FX board for sounds. Neopixels are the way to go. You can find off brand versions on amazon for a lot cheaper. You might be better off with a strip than the ring

https://www.amazon.com/ALITOVE-Individu ... B01HXFKMYS

For the power I use these converters with the arduino


I like to use 11.1v lipo's and turn the voltage down to 5v using the above converter but I have also made 4 AAA packs and used that to do led's and servos using the converter. Trick is making sure you have that 5v out to the arduino.
Thanks so much, Count deMonet!!
I figure I can do the same thing with a strip for less money, less work and more flexibility.
I got an Adafruit lipo, just for the short strip I'm going to program for the red lights.
I haven't decided about any sounds, though.

DarkSpectre-- Yep it's an awesome group of people, Ghostbusters are! :)
My franchise leader uses the 12v brick battery packs. He wanted me to use those as well, so that I can use his if mine runs out. But I really don't want to try to use those big things and need a voltage reducer.

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