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A few months ago I ordered on eBay a Replica Ghostbusters Motorola MT500 resin cast prop kit from the seller iamcharmed73. Their feedback was good and I contacted the seller in advance to ask a few questions.

He swiftly answered any concerns I had so I placed the order and waited... and waited. Then the date of estimated arrival passed without communication so I sent him a message.... and waited... and waited. So I sent another after 2 weeks in case he was on holiday... and waited... and waited. A week later, still no communication, still no shipping information. So I requested a refund from the seller... and waited... and waited.

Today I went through eBay dispute and received a refund almost instantly. I do not believe this seller ever had this product. Perhaps he was working in partnership with someone else acting as a middleman. Or maybe he only ever had 1 and sold it too many times, I'm not sure.

Stay well away! A real shame.

p.s Any UK sellers offering similar? I'm still on the lookout.
This guy traided under the name Dave Williams. However his real name is Michael Fiddy and was plaiced on the sex offenders register in 2012 for having images of children on his laptop.

Those that have been around the UK GB community for a while have know of Fiddy for some time and banned him from all events and related pages and forums. As soon as people realised he was now selling props under a fake name he was outed and immediately shut down his ‘Dave’s replica props’ Facebook pace and removed all his GB items from his iamcharmed73 eBay account.
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