I finally made a stunt trap and I've been hanging it from a keyfob off the ribbon cable. I worked hard on my trap pedal, so I'm wearing it. The more junk you can pile on, the cooler it looks anyhow.
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In my experience, my team doesn't carry them and no one notices. Myself and my team wear foam "belt" traps that are meant to be worn and not used as a trap. They're lightweight as well. I dig the idea about having it be wireless and integrated in to the thrower or hell wear a Holtmann style arm band. Or just not worry about it because the public isn't going to know one way from the other.
On the Matty trap, I use...It's a bifurcated strap of web-gear with Velcro on the two open ends and a grommet on the "closed" end. It's meant for hanging extension cords on hooks, but I put one of those cord organizers through the grommet and loop it around my belt. It's big enough to fit the trap cable and the pedal.

I really ought to anchor down the ribbon cable on the pedal. What I'm using right now isn't the sturdiest job in the world.
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