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By troy_225
Anyone know when the mobile Ghostbusters world game comes out? It's the game that's on website
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By Kingpin
Still no work on the official Facebook. I wouldn't be surprised if they're hoping to have a release ready for Halloween.
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By deadderek
It's leaked. I couldn't resist playing it and I love it so far.

Can't wait for it to be official!!
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By mrmichaelt
#4909364 ... er-24-2018

Troy Benjamin recounted his chance to demo the game and played a short interview with Eric Reich of Ghost Corps and Andrew Krensky of Sony Pictures Consumer Products' Interactive Groups in Episode 347 of the Ghostbusters Interdimensional Crossrip Podcast. Interview from 57:00 to 1:06:07 and Troy and Chris dish from 1:06:16 to 1:37:15. To summarize and organize what was said:

A number of other AR games that came out before were an influence. Ghost Corps had been thinking of one for awhile then the licensing team came to them with a partner who wanted to invest in it.

The game centers on collecting ghosts, building up equipment, and leveling up your avatar and your ghosts. The drive was to make sure there was a game facet for everyone but the player didn't have to indulge in everything. It's for casual and hardcore gamers. For instance, RPG fans would like the ghost teams. There will be a soft launch in select territories outside of the USA. The game will officially release by the end of the year for free but there will be aesthetic customization options and boosts for sale.

The avatar can be customized. At launch, there will be a few flight suits and equipment from franchises like The Real Ghostbusters, the classic movies, and the 2016 movie. There will also be 'very different, generic fun packs' to customize with. There is a "super trap" like in Ghostbusters: The Video Game and a number of equipment from the 2016 movie like the Proton Glove and Proton Grenades. The idea is to add more options over time.

In-game purchases are coins earned from bosses or jewels you can buy to build better equipment. Earn over time or pay and quickly build up.

The first thing done is to enter info about skin type, face type, hair, and eyes to craft your avatar. There is a tutorial at the start then the story mode has a script by Erik Burnham introduces the idea of using ghost teams from your collection to battle other teams, making them stronger to win, and in a different mode, pit them against other players' teams. The story plays out like the comic book cut scenes in Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime with art from Tim Lattie. There is an explanation for why the ghosts have to be pitted against each other in these raids. Teams will be necessary to advance in story mode.

For boss battles, a player can bring others into a "room" with the option of password protecting access. A team of four is formed then they take on larger bosses like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. You build your party like X-Box Live or like when you wait to go to Multi-player in Ghostbusters: The Video Game. You can see other players' avatars in the same space. There a chance for spawn creation of certain entities at certain times and places like conventions.

There will be a Tobin's Spirit Guide aspect of the game that features an in-depth paragraph about each ghost and have stats like classification and abilities. In the Containment Unit aspect, you level up your chosen ghosts and see all their abilities. The player takes the ghost team into the ghost dimension. It's similar to Final Fantasy VII's RPG turn based system and requires a bit of strategy and tactics like a fire elemental vs. an ice elemental.

Ecto Spheres look like crystal balls on a stand. Players can trap a ghost or when equipment is leveled up enough, disperse them then store their P.K.E. in the sphere. The player then takes a number of ghosts' P.K.E. and converts it into a rare ghost to join the ghost team. P.K.E. Crystals are "fed" to the ghosts to level them up. The crystals can be collected or bought.

When the player looks at the map, they can go to a dimensional door and Mooglie appears and asks the player if he/she wants to collect. He gives them things like Traps or P.K.E. Crystals. Dimensional Doors can be set up anywhere. The map is simplified to be able to see the ghosts. Buildings are sparingly used. Streets are visible. As are areas like "Downtown LA" if you live in the area. A bust starts with the player using the P.K.E. Meter to track down ghosts. "Dark energy" ghosts can be found with the Ecto Goggles because of their rarity. There is a slam mechanic like Ghostbusters: The Video Game to "tire" out the ghost for capture.
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By TragicManner
I'm at level 22. I love that the game has so many single player options, that was something I wished pokemon go had more of.

The game is pretty fun to experience, if only to see the different references to other Ghostbusters IP. Not sure how well the game will hold interest in the coming months, though.

I also wish they would let you skip animations. Every little thing has an animation, like the opening animation when encountering a ghost, the animation of the no-ghost logo ghost coming out of a dimensional door, the animation of what items you just got, the animation of ecto 1 driving up to where you are, etc. They are cool once, then need to be skippable after that.
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By Specter
I'm currently level 33 in the game. I believe it goes up to level 60. I've been working on a website for the game. I still have a long way to go with content. I have some pretty big plans for things to include, which makes it take a little longer to create.

For instance, the ghost pages will individually include items like the origin of the ghost in the Ghostbusters universe, with images, if possible, from those sources. That's already proven tricky, as one ghost that I know of so far hasn't appeared outside of this game, and another was only named in a single page of a comic book, without actually appearing. I'm also going to include base stats, fully leveled up stats, images of what they look like in the game, and for the ones that changed for the Christmas event, pictures of the ghosts in their temporary (!) costumes (that I wish were variants we could keep, and not temporary costumes). I'm also hoping to capture some video of their moves.

I'm creating a Beginner's Guide for Rookies, and have a place for people to submit ideas for future ghosts to be added in the future (Ghost Wish List).

The site is called GB World Hub.
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By SSJmole
This game is fun. And I admit I legit got excited catching the ghosts of Christmas (I'm missing one) but it's so fun to play and has some cool features ect...
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By NotSabbat
It was starting to get old for me because Im only seeing the same ghosts over and over, but now that it gives you a 4 star ghost egg once a month...ill stick around a bit longer
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By Nassik
I gave up and uninstalled this game. I couldn't capture Slimer in the tutorial so I gave up after two weeks of trying. Bloody ghost would go off screen and I never could wrangle him into the trap.
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By SSJmole
Nassik wrote: January 27th, 2019, 5:17 am I gave up and uninstalled this game. I couldn't capture Slimer in the tutorial so I gave up after two weeks of trying. Bloody ghost would go off screen and I never could wrangle him into the trap.
Try turning AR off and then it's just motion with phone 😊
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By Specter
Yeah, the controls are set up to show you how the AR mode works.

I recommend two settings changes:

1) When attempting to catch a ghost, you'll see an AR button on the top right. Tap it to Turn AR off.
2) In the settings (Tap the "Menu" button and then "Settings" at the top) change "Control Mode" to "Virtual Pad."
3) Enjoy easy ghost wrangling.

I had the same problems with the game until I did these two things. Then it opened up the game, as it became way more accessible and much easier to play.

I also built a page to welcome new players to the game with guides that I look at somewhat regularly to see if anything needs changing or updating:
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