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By NoStudyingDUH
Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area can't seem to find the correct spot. I live in Port St Lucie Florida and am a huge fan as everyone else is of Ghostbusters. I recently completed my full costume proton pack I have ghost traps and pke meters and all sorts of gadgets and I'm actively looking for a group close by me to join or to start a new chapter here if I can and it does anyone else close by who can get in touch with me and let me know or wants to join or I can join them will be much appreciated. I am actually helping at a library soon for a costume drive so I will be dressed up in full Ghostbusters regalia trying to draw people in to donate used costumes for Halloween so I'm looking for other people who can come with me to different events and things like that around town. I'm also having trouble uploading photos of all of my builds so if anyone can p.m. me about that that would be fantastic as well. Any and all information is much appreciated thank you all I love the site you guys are the best!!!!

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