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By ccv66
Depending how crooked, you can try drilling it out and helicoil it
By TimsGhost
I wonder what they mean by the instructions will be posted to the website "soon". Soon as in business-culture, or soon as in "Anovos will be shipping products soon"?
By feevrt
“Soon” in Anovos Mean Time I take to be six months to a year. I finally got sick of waiting and attached the frame myself.
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By greg883
Here's the latest (yesterday, the 19th):
Kiley (ANOVOS Productions LLC)
Jul 19, 2:29 PM PDT
Hi Greg,

The Proton Packs are currently being received and shipped out in waves every month.

We unfortunately do not have a master list as to the order they are being shipped out
available to us.

Right now our warehouse is a little backed up due to the largest shipment of items
we have ever received. We are trying to get the items out as soon as we possibly can.

When your Proton Pack is up for shipping you will receive a shipping notification or first
an invoice if you have not already payed shipping.

I am sorry I do not have more detailed information on your specific pack at this time.
ANOVOS: Product Specialist
By TimsGhost
That link is to the original instructions, which do not include any mention of how to attach the straps to the proton pack. I want to know the Anovos-approved hardware and method of attaching the two separately-purchased items.
By TimsGhost
I reached out to Anovos again about the instructions for attaching the straps to the pack. They responded with a link to the same instructions I used to build the pack (which do not include anything on the straps). When I informed them of this, they were surprised. Apparently their management thought the strap instructions were already up, and they will now rush (again) to get them to the site. Hopefully we see them soon.
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By freemooseshow
background: I ordered both the pack kit and the alice frame in July 2016. I got a shipping confirmation for the pack 6/19/2018 and it came shortly after. then I got this email today:

This is Reggie from ANOVOS with new information about your order #ANOVOS-****** for the GHOSTBUSTERS™: Proton Pack Frame. All orders placed for this item (with the exception of any Payment Plan orders that are still carrying an unpaid balance, orders that have not remitted shipping costs, orders that are awaiting carrier pickup, or orders awaiting arrival of the corresponding Proton Pack Kit) have been fulfilled. Please contact our online Product Specialists should you have any questions regarding this update.

We at ANOVOS thank you for supporting our products and are very excited to see this beautiful kit make it into your hands. We continue to invite you to share pictures of yourself and your new Ghostbusters Proton Pack Frame on your favorite social media channel using #ANOVOS.

As your Customer Supply Liaison it is my goal to ensure each and every one of our customers are kept up-to-date on the progress of their orders. I am happy to continue to provide product production and shipping updates to you as information becomes available. Thank you for being an ANOVOS customer!


Reggie Scott
Customer Supply Liaison

I went to to chat with a “product specialist” and he said the following:

“Ok so That email is mess up this is what is should say These are arriving to us in waves from the manufacturer, as there are a great many units being made in batches and we are shipping them in waves of 50 each month in the order we got the orders in. We hope to have then all out by October/November you will know sooner then I do when it ships since you will get a tracking number”

Great. looks like no frame for Halloween.
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By ccv66
Cancel your order. There's absolutely nothing special about there frame, it's an off the shelf item. You can buy something from Amazon and have it in a few days, or spend a tad more and get something a little more accurate
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By freemooseshow
thanks, ccv66, you’re right. has anyone ordered from the price is right but I’m worried about quality.
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By ccv66
Glanced at it, $32 and have to spend over $100 to get the cheaper $4.99 shipping. Still probably better off to go with Amazon $39.99. If you can reach a little deeper there are some more accurate pack frames/ straps for under $60 on eBay. I think in the long run you'll be happier spending the extra money.
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By livewire008
Personally, I bought one as a back up in case the Anovos frames never materialized or they shipped the pack but not the frame like happened to pretty much everyone who got their kit thus far... if they do ship my pack/frame at the same time (as this last e-mail update indicates) my intention is to use whichever one seems sturdier and gift the other to my brother for his spirit pack.

I think I paid $40 for my non-Anovos frame and it had a Fox label on it. I've heard mixed things about the Rothco ones so I spent a bit more to not chance it. FWIW, I think spending a little more $ for peace of mind was worth it; the whole investment literally hangs on the frame, so it's not worth trying to take the cheap way out.
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By Janzlar
Has anyone actually attached the Plexi motherboard yet to a Alice frame? I'm really skeptical it will support the weight and strain of a shell and accessories like speakers.

I'd like to get a metal or other sturdy material type MB that will fit a Anovos kit.
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By greg883
Received today from Anovos CS:


This is Reggie from ANOVOS with new information about your order #ANOVOS-XXXXX for the GHOSTBUSTERS™: Proton Pack Kit and GHOSTBUSTERS™ Proton Pack Frame. I am pleased to announce that the Proton Pack Kits have shipped from our manufacturer and are currently enroute to our Fulfillment Center.

As this is the case, these items are on schedule to deliver this Fall 2018. With this last batch of Proton Packs for this year, we will be able to fulfill all existing pre-orders and the vast majority of these will begin shipping to customers, along with their accompanying Proton Pack Frame, after Halloween (but well within the Fall 2018 shipping window as per our calendar). As always, you will receive an email notification when your order has been shipped.

If you have not recently done so, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to verify that your shipping address is up-to-date. Please contact our friendly Product Specialists via Live Chat 9am-1pm PDT and 2pm-5pm PDT at or by submitting a support request at

As your Customer Supply Liaison it is not only my responsibility, but my pleasure to ensure each and every one of our customers are kept up-to-date on the progress of their orders. I will notify you if new details arise in regards to your order.


Reggie Scott
Customer Supply Liaison"

They did get my Pack order number correct, but it's "generic" message as I did not order a frame from them. So, the "Slow Boat from China" is making it's way to California.

Time to finish up that 80% Wand I printed out :lol:
By Drrkscott
Same here (from order April 2017) for pack, frame and flight suit. Halloween 2019 anyone? ;-)
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By BlueChainsawMan
My order was in November 2017, so not a year yet. I won't be surprised if I get a message about delayed to the future.
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By greg883
It's probably a poorly/hastily written email, but the phrases:

"about your order #ANOVOS-XXXXX for the GHOSTBUSTERS™: Proton Pack Kit and GHOSTBUSTERS™ Proton Pack Frame."
and "... will begin shipping to customers, along with their accompanying Proton Pack Frame..." got me wondering - If this was deliberately written, reviewed, approved, and released , could it mean they have decided to include a frame with each pack?

My gut says "No" but I keep rereading it and in both paragraphs it states kit and accompanying frame.
I'm probably reading way too much into it.
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By BlueChainsawMan
Yeah I’m thinking it’s an email that’s addressing both customers that ordered, with or without frame....I guess we will see as time goes on of course.
By Drrkscott
Last conversation I had with the support team at Anovos was that the suit is delayed until Winter 2018 (March 2019) and they will hold back my frame until then, as it was part of the same order. The proton pack kit was a separate order (and separate postage fees), so yes, this is a most likely a generic bulk email against the database of remaining orders.
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By echo419
Well, they finally shipped my frame. Ordered it April 2017.
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By Kingpin
ANOVOS has come out with their Egon Spengler legacy Proton Pack ( ... f4QAvD_BwE)and I was wondering if it’s worth buying or should I just buy bobs prop shop proton pack
Whatever you do, DO NOT buy from Bob's Prop Shop. Bob has ripped off other people's work in order to have items to sell, and they're poor quality at that.
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By Etigo
ANOVOS has come out with their Egon Spengler legacy Proton Pack and I was wondering if it’s worth buying or should I just buy bobs prop shop proton pack
If I have to give a neutral answer, I will recommend you NOT TO BUY from Bob's Propshop, for a simple reason...
You can find about a 300$ Fiberglass Shell on GB Fans or Karnivorous Creations in the US. And I don't know why, but Bob is selling a 600$ Fiberglass Shell. I think this argument looks more logical... :-P

You can try a Shell from Canada, or Mexico, or maybe other sellers in the US. Maybe some people can give an opinion to help you.
You can also look for english Shell, Resin or Fiberglass!!! :-D
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By echo419
Is Novo Geek the same company as Anovos? Just got a UPS shipment email of something thats 23lbs.
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