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By AJ Quick
Ghostbusters Fans is looking for talented and motivated writers. For quite some time Ghostbusters Fans members have been making great discoveries or scooping up information before it hits the main stream media or other Ghostbusters websites. Generally when that happens, a topic gets created... somewhere on the site, and doesn't really get good exposure.

I'd like to change the way that Ghostbusters Fans gets and displays its news by making postings more often. Try to keep things rolling with a new article every few days vs. every few weeks. What I would like to do, is put the power into your hands. Rather than posting somewhere on the forums, we want you to post your new topics in the Ghostbusters News forum. We want you to become writers for Ghostbusters Fans.

Article Requirements

Every article posted to Ghostbusters Fans has a specific format.

The article starts out with a either a video file, or a 400 pixel wide image related to the article. These images are usually edited down and have a 1 pixel black border. Images tend to not be more than 400pixels tall. Something like 150pixels tall is ideal.

After the image or video the article introduces what is being talked about. This usually contains the who, what, where, & when of the article. This important information is usually contained in the first two sentences of the article. After the action items, the article should contain 1-2 paragraphs of information and / or quotes from a source.

If information comes from somewhere, the article must contain a source with a link back to it. Try to find the highest level of information when it comes to an article. For example.. you might find a blog with information that is sourcing another article, go to that article for the source, not the blog.

Your article must fit this format, and it must be at least 1-2 well written and long paragraphs. A few sentences just won't cut it. If your article is exceedingly long, it will be broken up into two posts and the reader must click to finish it.

Types of Articles

There are specific articles that we will post on the main page of Ghostbusters Fans, and many we will not.

Some articles we will post are about:

New Ghostbusters Products / Announcements (Mattel, Minimates, etc). Major events and conventions (usually with a Ghostbusters Actor that takes place over a long weekend, with events & Ghostbusters Fans in attendance). Major Ghostbusters 3 news from reputable sources or rumors (in video form) from Ghostbusters actors. Ghostbusters Screen Used Auctions (eBay, Profiles or other).

Somethings we won't post about:

Minor Ghostbusters References. Comedy Items (Comic Strips, Funny Videos). Minor Ghostbusters Screenings and Events (like Ghostbusters is playing at your local theater for a night). Rumors (especially Ghostbusters 3 related). Self Promotion items. Opinion articles (your opinion is not the site's opinion necessarily). Well known news items, or items already covered by other GB sites like Proton Charging.

How to get your article posted?

The only way to actually get your article on the main page of the site is to PM or email it to me. ( Please inlcude the photo (or photos), or video that you want posted. The article must meet the requirements, and I reserve the right to refuse any article. Minor editing on the article will occur, but it will be reflected as being posted by you.

So that being said.. anyone have any articles / want to give it a shot?
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By Ronnyboy
I'd like to give it a shot, granted I am not the best at finding new Ghostbusters info, I'd still love to write for this site. I loved writing newspaper and info articles in school, so doing it here will be a snap. When I find something new or juicy, will be glad to send it to you.
Weston wrote: August 25th, 2018, 10:28 am i would to love to write for this site and it will be easy to find new ghostbuster information

I'm trying to get my head around these two posts. They are either a joke, or there is some mechanism at work on the internet I don't know the purpose of yet.

Two posters, who have just one post to their name, solliciting to apply for a writing job.

Both make as many grammatical errors as is statistically possible in writing a single sentence:

Incorrects use of caps, spelling, punctuation and both spell the subject "Ghostbusters" incorrectly.

There is some internet mechanism at play here I can't figure out.

In any case, I'll try to help out on the writing job.

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