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Its a later episode, but hear me out...


...The Haunting of Heck House...

Make it into a real supernatural thriller!
I like the way you think :love:

Funny enough when Jan DeBont's horrible remake of "The Haunting" came out I was immediately reminded of that particular episode of RGB.
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Count me in for an expended version of The Haunting Of Heck House, it was one of my favorite episodes of the later seasons and one of the best times that the RGB's did not use the Proton Packs & Ghost Traps to solve their problems.
Sorry to bump an old post but I was finally able to find a site online I could watch this whole episode and I totally agree.... Just splice this episode in at about 1/3 of the 15 min episode "It's about time" and I hate to say write out slimer but if you set it after GB:TVG before EGB you could include him in all the firehouse interior (present time) scenes in the observation containment thingamajiger for the kids to interact with and be in the background Just give his lines with the kids to Luis and have the Rookie bumbling around in the background tripping over somthing.... Honestly you could keep slimer in, write him out or tone him down and it really wouldn't affect the story(s) at all...

Considering that's less than a hour combined and even less if you cut slimers scenes you could put a montage of Ecto 1 with a time lapse life as a herse/ambulance ending up in a lot with Ray buying then lot then a 30 sec of the original ecto 1 build with a couple quick shots of it on calls 30 more sec of Ecto1A then couple calls and a shot of it all waxed and shiney at a car show for young Roland to see at the end before the ghostbusters arrive back in the "present time" at the end of "It's about time" have it end with the guys splitting up even though they don't have to move (all that BS without their equipment was just to much except for Egon and Ray(Casper LOL)) so cut a year later and end it with Egon residing at the firehouse with ecto 1 gathering dust going to his first day teaching class and briefly introduce the EGB...

Then you could use EGB Back In The Saddle as part of a sequel :mrgreen:
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Ghost Fight at The O.K. Corral is my top favorite. Knock, knock deserves to be expanded on. I would also like to see Look Homeward Ray, or the spirit of Aunt Lois. Having the Ghostbusters up against phony Ghost hunters and the GB's personal histories would have been interesting to expand on.
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I would love to see a feature length version of Bustman's Holiday. It's just begging for an epic, Army of Darkness style treatment.

I would also love to see Masquerade, and I think Take Two would be really fun and meta as a live action feature. They could do some cool stunt casting, like in the theater scene in Thor: Ragnarock.
You know I was rewatching "Halloween II 1/2" and it strikes me that it would also make a good RGB movie. The stakes are higher, all the ghosts escape the ECU and are organized this time plus they lose their headquarters. You have an awesome villian in Samhain (seriously Bill Martin's performance is one of the best villian roles in animation as far as Im concerned he's easily as good as john Hut or Vincent Price). Properly expanded it would have been a spectacular movie.
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