const int c1Start = 16;
const int c1End = 22;
const int c2Start = 23;
const int c2End = 29;
const int c3Start = 30;
const int c3End = 36;
const int c4Start = 37;
const int c4End = 43;
const int ventStart = 44;
const int ventEnd = 47;
What I changed
const int c1Start = 15
const int c1End = 21
const int c2Start = 22
const int c2End = 28
const int c3Start = 29
const int c3End = 35
const int c4Start = 36
const int c4End = 42
const int ventStart = 443
const int ventEnd = 48

I only changed this to skip the broken led so all the cyclotron lights would work if I didn’t all lit up except the bottom right or the last led
When you upload the code to the Arduino that's called flashing.

Those numbers are led indexes in the chain. What is happening is that all 4 of your LEDs in the cyclotron are basically showing the 1 animation. Assuming you have them wired after the stick I think the indexes should look like this

const int c1Start = 16;
const int c1End = 16;
const int c2Start = 17;
const int c2End = 17;
const int c3Start = 18;
const int c3End = 18;
const int c4Start = 19;
const int c4End = 19;
const int ventStart = 20;
const int ventEnd = 23;

They may be 1 off. I don't have the ability to test right now
working great now original you had it offset by 1 but since i had a led light out on the neopixel stick just backed those numbers by one and works great
const int c1Start = 15;
const int c1End = 15;
const int c2Start = 16;
const int c2End = 16;
const int c3Start = 17;
const int c3End = 17;
const int c4Start = 18;
const int c4End = 18;
const int ventStart = 19;
const int ventEnd = 22;
thanks so much
I made my own Arduino code and I want to reduce the amount of wires coming from the bar graph which is 13.

I saw the Sparkfun Extender in your code and I want to make sure it is as simple as I think it is going to be.

My animations are based on milis and each led has its own pin. Assuming it is configured correctly in the header all i would have to do is change digitalWrite(1, HIGH) to io.digitalWrite(SX1509_BAR_01, HIGH); ???
I have a complete pack built by Vincenzo330 which I'm very content with but there is one change i'd love to make. I'd love to add a flashbulb to cover my barrel lights. The pack was built in 2012 and the only option then was for real flashbulbs and I knew the glass wouldn't make it. I was hoping to find 3D plans that include replicating a flashbulb but I haven't seen any (or I missed the part in the many parts that make up the wand) Are there any plans that include the flashbulb?
Its a little coding in the blind but there is not much to it. Basically you need to define what pin will be used. 13 is still available so at the top of the file where all of the pins are being defined add one for the vent

bool isRelayVenting = false; // remember what state the relay is in
const int VENT_RELAY = 13; // pin on the arduino relay is connected to

Then you have to tell the arduino what to do with that pin. This happens in the Setup() function and you would just add the following two lines anywhere in there

digitalWrite(VENT_RELAY, HIGH);

This configures the pin for talking to the relay and then turns the relay off. Note: some relays use logic low for activation so for this demo let's set to high to turn the relay off. Then at the bottom of the Loop() function you could add something like this

if( venting == true && isRelayVenting == false ){
digitalWrite(VENT_RELAY, LOW);
isRelayVenting = true;
}else if ( venting == false && isRelayVenting == true ){
digitalWrite(VENT_RELAY, HIGH);
isRelayVenting = false;

I am pretty sure that is all that there would be to it but I don't have a relay to test.
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