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In an update on our previous story, toy manufacturer Playmobil has been showcasing it's new Ecto-1A set and 6-inch upscaled Ghostbusters figures at New York Comic Con.

Those already familiar with the Playmobil Ghostbusters series are unlikely to be disappointed, as the reproduction of the car appears to be to the same high standard as its predecessor.

Prices and release dates are still yet to be confirmed. More photos of the sets can be seen via the gallery at MUReview.net
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I don't have the first wave of Playmobil merch. Thr Ecto 1-A looks amazing though! I'm assuming Ecto 1 was scaled to the regular sized playmobil figures. Since these new figs are up scaled, will the Ecto 1-A be up scaled too? And if so, might I be able to fit Matty or diamond Select figures in there?
The vehicle(s) are scaled to standard Playmobil figures. The upscaled ones are a separate line of playmobil. They released up scaled characters with the last batch as well

I for one cannot wait for the Ecto1A, so pumped! Hope they center the logo on the hood to resemble the actual vehicle and they do print on the decals to the finished model
metallijosh wrote: October 7th, 2018, 9:17 pm The dish looks too big.
I suspect they've reused the satellite dish piece from one of the Police Station sets, and made a new support piece that's similar to one of the previously-produced parts... Which is why it's larger than it should be.
Ecto 1A looks awesome! Instant buy! :D

Too bad they're including the four Ghostbusters in their dark suits though.. They just released those separately and a lot of people already own those...
Would've preferred to see the Ecto 1A come with Ghostbuster Louis or Vigo or Janosz...

Sure hope the line won't end here and we'll get those figures in future sets...
It's been about a month since the Ecto 1A arrived at retail and it seems to be really popular. Many toy review channels on You Tube have done reviews for it as Ghostbusters News. Having seen the reviews, I decided to add one to my collection and I was not disappointed. Its nice to have a Giga Meter for Egon since his single release omitted it for some reason. Also it is nice that Ray and Winston both have Slime Blowers, since only Winston got one in the single release wave while Ray got a Proton Pack.

Having the Ecto 1A in hand is really amazing, hope that Playmobil is not done yet with the Ghostbusters license.

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