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By ROBOrob77
I received my replacement PKE Meter today, and unfortunately, it’s worse off than the one before.
I pressed the bottom right button and the wings went up, the sounds and lights activated … and then the wings stayed up, the sound turned off, and the lights continued to flash util the batteries ran dry.
I sent ‘em an email to see if they can send me out another replacement or just refund my money at this point. Stay tuned.
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By ROBOrob77
Kingpin wrote: September 25th, 2018, 2:45 pm The sound cutting out is a worrying issue, but isn't one of the buttons effectively an endless animation cycle until the user presses the button again?
Yes, the bottom left button activates the continuing animation cycle (I did press it to see if it would resolve the issue, but it did not). The flashing lights on the one I received were not in the sequence they were supposed to be in. All were just flashing on and off. No animated light sequence on screen or wings. I turned it off and back on hoping that might fix it, but no such luck. Wings stayed up, and lights continued to flash off and on until it wore the batteries down; which oddly only took a few minutes.
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By ROBOrob77
Darthinvictus wrote: September 25th, 2018, 3:46 pm Perhaps the battery was strong enough to activate lights but not enough to drive the wing servo. Have you tried new batteries?
I popped in new batteries, and now the Meter does absolutely nothing.
I was able to chat with someone again no their website and they issued me a refund.
I have nothing but good things to say about their customer service dept.
Sorry to hear some here have had negative experiences.
By hutto
The PKE is a piece of junk. The left button wont turn off after 30 seconds. It cycles back through and then, none of the buttons work. I also have an LED out.

I havent gotten a call back from CS, and their chat has disappeared from their site.
By kurisu7885
Sadly I missed the Matty trap so this is a huge deal for me, I plan to head over to Spirit Halloween soon and picking up some of this gear.

The PKE meter WAS going ot be a hard pass for me since I own a Matty one already but i'm definitely considering it. I already have my own idea for ecto-goggles so I may or may not pass on those.

I might try to figure out a way to trigger the trap remotely.
By yankeetrex
I have to say, spirits customer service is some of the best I have ever dealt with. They have given me full refunds and replacements on the PKE and the Ghost Trap. So my over 100 dollar order went down to just 40 bucks and I have 2 PKE's , 2 Ghost traps, one Ecto Goggle and one belt.
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By kurisu7885
hutto wrote: October 11th, 2018, 5:48 pm I have my third replacement PKE coming. Each has been worse than the last.

Whatever... I have three PKE Meters, now. :)
And if you managed to fix any of the, then, yeah.

ANd the story on these PKE meters quickly remind me why I like being able to try it out in the store first.
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By metallijosh
Both of the PKE's that I got work fine. I thought I had issues with one, but I changed out the batteries and if worked fine.It sucks that you guys are having such trouble with them. I hope this inspires them to put out a better product instead of quitting on it all together...
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By docshiv
greg883 wrote: November 1st, 2018, 10:33 pm 50% everything in the store. Grabbed another PKE, Trap and goggles. Had to go to three stores, but got a duplicate set now!
I stopped in Spirit yesterday, too. Snagged a trap.

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