i cut off everything i didnt like, and built it back up with
black onyx resin. i think im about a quarter way through this. before i go any farther, i guess i should start on the aluminum mobo. i think the wifey will like the weight on this pack. ImageImageImageImageImage
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By joezlo
How hard was replacing the crank knob? I'm on the fence because I really want my crank knob to control my pack volume, but if it leaves too big a hole I'm concerned how to fill it.
By evlares
I used Krylon coarse stone paint under the black for texture, I used it on every pack I've built, it works well.

there was about a one inch diameter hole left after I ground off the crank knob. I put a piece of clear tape over the hole, on the front, then flipped the shell over, and poured black resin from the back side, it seems to have bonded with the plastic well.
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By joezlo
Cool. Keep the build pics coming; looks stellar. I'm def going to do for the black resin once I get that crank knob.
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By deadderek
I am amazed at how good Spirit Pack mods are getting every day and every post!
By themikereda
I'm assuming you 3D printed your own crank knob? I've been trying to get one printed for ages, but don't have a printer and can't get anyone to help out.

If you didn't print your own, where did you get it? Great work, btw!
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By JWils23
This pack is looking great, really like the progress of it! Did you cut the top “split loom” off the PPD or is that new one? I’m in the same spot where I’m redoing the tubing and resistors and I’m trying to decide how I’m going to re-do the PPD.
By evlares
thanks for the compliments, that is the original ppd, i cut the connector off flush with the top, then rebuilt it with black resin. its not perfect, but i found in my older age, if my project comes out 75% of my expectations, im happy.😁😁😁
well, since my wife refused to buy me a 750,000.00 waterjet machine, i had to make this by hand. its not perfect, but i just keep remembering that motherboards on the originals were all hand-made. unfortunately, i didnt have a piece of aluminum wide enough, so i'll have to attach a small piece under the power cell, but i dont think anyone will notice.

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