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By da_rambler20
I see that the ion arms are back in stock in the GBFans store and it got me thinking if those would be an improvement over the one with the anovos Kit. Any thoughts?
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By soundwavewill
I finally finished the major assembly of my anovos pack. GBFans wand electronics are installed. Once the soundboard, cyclotron lights, and power cells lights return to stock those will be installed. I'm also on the lookout for a set of aluminum labels before I start the weathering.

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By da_rambler20
Just filed a complaint with the BBB about Anovos, but after doing that it looks like it won’t help as many complaints go unanswered. I need 3 parts replaced and haven’t heard anything in over a month. Plus I keep getting emails saying the frames are in stock, but haven’t gotten mine yet.
By livewire008
Still waiting for my missing side knob... last e-mail I got was about two weeks ago (and before that a month) that it's" all set up" and "we'll let you know when it ships". As much as I want them to make it right, I would gladly have sourced a replacement if I could have found one.

Same thing with the frame... last weekend, I got tired of waiting and mounted mine to an Alice frame I had already ordered in case theirs never materialized. I don't understand why the frames have been "in stock" for almost a couple months now, and we're still waiting on them... :sigh:
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By da_rambler20
I’m sorry that you’re going thru this crap too, but I do feel “better” that I’m not the only one screwed over.

I too would do what I could to source replacement pieces.
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