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By Ghostytheghost
Hiya hiya! Just got my Trendmasters XGB trap in the mail, and I love it despite having to cram three C batteries in there. Either way, this is a really cool trap. The downside is that there were no doors/arms on it upon receiving it. It was cheapest listing on eBay, and I didn't want to pay a hundred dollars (plus international shipping) for one. Here's a picture of what I have:
I've been thinking of the show-accurate three-piece dome, rather than the three arms as seen in the early preview. How could this be achieved? Or are there better ideas for replacement trap doors? Hope to see some good ideas!
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By Ghostytheghost
You could probably commission someone to make you a 3d model and 3d print it. Just an idea.
The doors/dome? I'd have to get an approximate measure for each arm/piece of the dome. Not only that, but I'd have to figure out making the fins to attach it to the trap. Doesn't sound too hard as I could just extrude some material thin enough to fit. Either way, I actually would've gone all out to construct the pieces if I have good enough materials. The 3D print commission will probably be like a last resort idea or something. :whatever:
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