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By T-Bone
Here's some pics of my Spirit Halloween Upgraded trap and another one I built from random scrap parts.

Link to my google drive folder in case the pics stop working - ... -gFav-ke8V

I took it apart and repainted the whole thing. The green LEDs that shine on the inside had broken free, so I reglued them into place. I cut the gold blob off of the heat sink, and put the proper resistor on it. I cut strips of tape and put in front of the three yellow LEDs to make it look more realistic. Made weld lines with hot glue. Striped the lid with reflective stickers and then weathered the whole thing.

Image Image Image Image

This one was made using the same dims as the SH version. I used foam core poster board for the main body, sintra for the side panels, plexiglass for the doors, and aluminum on the end cap. The handle was made from wood. The light was a red pen I cut up and uses an old LED I kept off of one of my sons toys. The doors are solid and do not open. They are held on with RE magnets, so the LED batteries can be changed.

Image Image Image

Here they are side by side.

I did not put wheels on the one I built, as I plan to make a leather belt holder for it and use it as a static belt prop.

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