This is something I discovered a while back, but haven't had much of any time for props or Ghostbusters, but I want to share this with everyone so I don't feel like I'm withholding anymore:

So, we've beaten the issue of the radios into the ground so many times over the past 15 or so years; surely there's nothing left to discuss, right? No news under the slime?


For the longest time I was confused as to what, exactly, was up with some of the radios in their holsters. Debates went on over which models were used: the short standard versions or the taller PL versions. See this thread in which I put my foot in my mouth acting like I know everything. I don't, and neither did anyone else.

Venkman's radio popped out of his holster a bit, but it was the short PL version. Egon's did too, though we don't know for certain which one he had. Turns out everyone (and I was a skeptic at first) was right about the radios and how they sit in the holsters. Something was off. They don't do that in the stock leather holsters made for the MT500. We also cut the side panels off our leather holsters to make them more accurate, but almost never came across a truly screen-accurate holster. Lots of things never added up.

But then we got the movie on Blu-Ray:

We can see more details in the radio holster, and they don't match what's been commonly available. Take the border behind the snap, or the different placement of the Motorola logo. Some tried to add these details into their fan-made leather holsters, making them more accurate than even Motorola's own MT500 holsters, which is a true testament to the ingenuity of this community.

But what the hell WERE the original holsters?
Ladies and gentlemen...


This, I submit, is the original holster: originally for a Motorola HT440 or HT90. Part number NLN7444A.


It looks pretty, but there's a sad twist. I really can't recommend buying one. They pop up from time to time on eBay, typically for around $50 (which is way more than some of the durable fan-made holsters), and while I and a few other members have purchased them, we still carry leather holsters. Why?


They are brittle. Brittle. As. Hell.
Seriously, they're made of some kind of hard rubber or thermoplastic, and age 30 is not kind to them. So after you track one down, drop $50 on the right model, and wear it once, the slightest nudge will crack it, and no glue known to man seems able to touch it. It seems like a better bet to get people casting these things in flexible resin or rubber.
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Yes! I'd also like to comment how fragile they are. I've had two of these (got 2 for $20 on ebay and settled on them because I thought they were "close enough") and they split and broke apart the first time I worked with them.

I've also tried gluing the cracks with Gorilla super glue gel. It works but then it just cracks in a different place. Agreed 100% a replica would be the way to go if you're wearing these.
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That sucks. I have an original holster and worn it many times without issue. Even though the original is accurate I do like the estetic of the leather more.
This was from January or so this year.

After this picture (taken minutes after I opened the box from eBay) I picked the holster up by the belt loop and it cracked like the photo posted above.

I had hollowed out the radio to save weight and it still broke.

The other split down the front and sides.

Some may be sturdier than others but the two I've owned were not reliable at all, unfortunately.
Yeah, I bought 3 of those years ago, and have been using them ever since. As for the breakage...what is weird is that 2 of them have withstood the test of time, while the last one crumbled to pieces one day when I picked it up. Like it had reached its expiration date. Down to 2 now.
Awesome discovery, Jairus. Love how 31 years later, we're still discovering things that were right in front of us the whole time.

Sorry to hear the damn things are so brittle, I'd definitely propose the creation of a happy medium: leather holsters, like the MT500s we've been using, but styled to resemble HT440/HT90.
I have a question about that NLN7693A pictured above. What does the back look like?

I think I found one for sale but it has one of those metal swivel attachments on the back, and would not go directly onto a belt without the 'female' piece.

Is there a version with an attached belt loop? My leather holster has that same kind of swivel attachment, but I've been wanting a looped holster.

According to the HT90 and HT440 manual the NLN7444A is a Urethane Case with a belt loop (movie accurate). The NLN7693A is a Urethane Case that has the swivel belt attachment (better for comfort, moving, and sitting).
Would be interesting if Motorola still had the molds stored, I doubt it.

One could look up Urethane Degradation to learn why some are extremely brittle. I don't know if they could be sprayed with a modern clear coat to enhance some rigidity
I have recently started on my first uniform. I picked up a MT500 off of eBay. I also found a leather holster that was similar in size to the MT500's. I knew it might be a tight fit, but for as little as it cost, I thought I'd give it a try. Sure enough it is snug. Anyone with leather experience know if it is possible to 'stretch' the leather? I thought about soaking in water and putting in blocks or shims to get a little room. Otherwise I'm ok with it jammed into the holster and keeping it hanging on my belt.
I believe you can stretch leather but its not easy did it to my boots, placed a piece of hard foam ware it needed and left it for weeks. I am just going to drop this link hear for Leather carrying case with D-swivel for radios using larger battery's its still made to this day https://kingradios.net/?s=LAA+0435 only draw back is it has BENDIX/KING instead of Motorola on the lower front. Mine has the D-rinds non swivel and a belt adapter or strap on its back Looks good, Now i just need the radio.

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