By Farva302862
I ordered my leg connector and hose from GB fans. 1st off I love them it's a big step in completing my 1st jump suit I plain on making more in the future so I want to be able to reuse the connector and hose on other suits. What's the best thing to use to attach it to the leg and make it removable and to be used again? Another question is there some kind of belt clip that the hose xan slide in and then hook to the back of the belt without having to damage the hose itself? If any one can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Brian R. NCGB W.N.C division
Just sew the connector onto your suit using some coat thread; you can also cut out a small circle of vinyl to use as extra backing/support behind the connector on the inside of your suit leg. As for the other end of the hose, just tuck it into the back of your belt.

I’m always surprised how many people try to over-engineer the leg hose with magnets, interlocking components, Velcro, industrial adhesive, etc. :)
By tb-1599
I drilled through my leg connected and ran a small screw through it. I made a small hole in the pants leg (used a grommet in the hole to avoid fraying). Then just slid the screw the the hole in the pants. To give it a little support. (believe it or not). I grabbed the lid from a can of soup cleaned it, cleaned the edges the ran the screw through that. Used a nut to tighten everything up. I am good to go. (So it's also removable)

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