Reservations for Ghostbusters Fan Fest Priority Access are now available! You can reserve your spot in line by placing a refundable deposit down and that will give you Priority Access when tickets go on sale. The deposit also goes toward the price of the tickets.

Ghostbusters Fan Fest will run from June 8 - June 9, 2019 and will be a once in a lifetime opportunity on the Sony lot.

Reserve your ticket here:

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I expected my wife to laugh at me when I suggested we attend this. She loved the idea. I now have 2 tickets reserved and we are planning our flight from Virginia. Shocked the heck out of me. Can't freakin wait for this! Pretty sure this is my number one bucket list item that was just a pipe dream. What are the chances Bill will be there...probably low.
Everybody has three mortgages these days:


Dr.D wrote: February 19th, 2019, 10:07 am Anyone know how the deposit I purchased months ago applies to this?

Also, I don't know if it's Sony to blame or Wizard but damn.
If you bought the priority access you should have got a email this morning with a code. When you are checking out you put the code in to get the deposit amount off your final total.

I will say, at least they did a payment plan option.
It's the inaugural event for Ghostbusters Fan Fest. It's not the scope and magnitude of a major convention like San Diego Comic Con. The high price and limited number reflects that. Consider it in addition to being the ticket and extras, it's also an investment in future Ghostbusters Fan Fest events. Ghost Corps doesn't have a blank check from Sony to go crazy, they have to estimate how to keep costs low and profits high so the number of sales they make on this will determine if this will be an annual event, bi-annual, every 5 years, etc. and with each successful turnout and they hit their mark and hopefully surpass sales estimates and # of people attending, the price will go down and they'll eventually be able to move from the Sony lot to a convention venue akin to San Diego Comic Con, Wonder Con, or New York Comic Con. Yes, it sucks the prices are high right now but this rare chance to directly show Sony that the brand matters and as many fans as humanely possible should show up in full force.
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$20 says we don't get another one.
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I'm talking another fan fest.
I read somewhere that there is the possibility of a "fragmented" payment?

That being said, I think that the ones who'll can attend will be fans who doesn't have to fly in. I live in Italy so it is an enormous amount of money for me.

If they make a "fans only" Gb3 Premiére I'll consider it. Or I'll wait for the artists involved to come to the Italian premiere. We have our Ecto 1 to show them :)
If you're flying in from out of country, you should think about making a vacation out of it. See California, maybe las Vegas. Hopefully starwars land is open by then. Rent your fun, buy your memories. Make fan fest apart of a great trip. Flying from Italy just for two days is probably not worth it

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