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By Rtheriaque
Good morning,

I tried sending an email to webmaster@gbfans, but haven't heard back.

The tracking information for my order is returning an alert due to an address problem. I'd like some help tracking this down, as my contact with USPS has been useless to this point.

Thank you,
Rob Theriaque
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By AJ Quick
It looks like it went through the post office the next town over, and then they sent to the correct post office and delivered it the next day? Did that not happen?
By Rtheriaque
It was sent to a post office about 45 minutes away. After they didn't answer their phone all day, I drove down the next to collect it.

I just checked the tracking info. Looks like they took credit for a successful delivery. I guess it's technically "delivered" since I got it, but they didn't exactly do all of the work!

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