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By Kingpin
Continuing their expansion of their Ghostbusters product range, costume retailer Rubie's has unviled a new line of costuming products for the 2019 Halloween season.

Kicking things off will be Rubies' Fun Inflatables selection of inflatable costumes and headgear:

•Stay Puft full-body costume
•Ghostbusters logo full-body costume
•Stay Puft Air Head
•Ghostbusters logo Air Head
•Slimer Air Head

Each entry in the Fun Inflatables range is powered with a single batter-operated fan.
Further wearable costume pieces include a small range of Mascot Mask headgear:

•Stay Puft Mascot Mask
•Ghostbusters Logo Mascot Mask

For home and vehicle decoration, Rubies is planning to release a small range of suction cup-mounted Window Breakers:

•Ghostbusters logo Window Breaker
•Slimer Window Breaker

Finally, Rubies will also be developing a Supreme Edition Proton Pack, with lights, sounds, and "Ecto Blaster" feature which will allow the wearer to shoot silly string via the Particle Thrower.

Prices, exact release date and final product appearance of the Supreme Proton Pack are currently yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for further details as they become available. Visit the topic for more images of the new Rubie's products.
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By Alex Newborn
I posted about this a few weeks ago on Facebook, but the window breakers remind me of this Hallmark decoration I bought in the... late 80s or early 90s. As soon as I saw the collectibles of Rowan with a bowtie, they made me think of this guy so I dug him out of storage.


Can't wait to get a REAL Mooglie version.

And the FunFlatable Stay-Puft head inspired this costume idea. (See video below)

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By 80sguy
That supreme edition backpack looks like another pretty solid base, to start an easy packbuild from.
Will it be at fullsize, or is it somewhat sized down like the spirit halloween?

The silly-sting shooter is a pretty neat idea as well :-D
It's the exact same as the spirit one.
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