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By Wiggyof9
Pretty sure the prototype just used the prototype glasses that were also on the first release. The orginal version will always be this odd looking one. It is unfortunate because there is no reason they can't make them look right.
By Wiggyof9
I finally got my figures after ordering from, a site i heard about on the forums. They actually have them in stock at BBTS prices and pretty much the same shipping. The firehouse diorama is HUGE! I knew it was big, but you need to see it in person. It was nice to finally open and display all my figures from series 6-10. I also opened up my NECA Street diorama from the SDCC TMNT set and it is also HUGE. I am considering getting the retail version to put next to the firehouse and increase the display size for all the figures we currently have and will have in the coming years.

GB2 Louis works great standing on the NECA diorama waiting for a bus. I would love to have more of the GB's on the street and let the RGB figures have the firehouse. With more TMNT move figures coming, I'll need to leave the TMNT diorama to them and get that new retail version that is a bit cleaner.
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By 910dohead
I finally got my figures after ordering from, a site i heard about on the forums. They actually have them in stock at BBTS prices and pretty much the same shipping.
Thanks for the heads up. I may just cancel my pre-order with BBTS and get them from elsewhere. I don't know what is taking BBTS so long to get these? It certainly appears that they've got their thumbs up their butts with wave 10. I haven't even received the standard "Your pre-order is on its way and should be here in the next ten days. Make sure you have your funds ready..." e-mail. They must've got the last wave's street date mixed up with Marshmallow Mess Egon's original date. It's looking like we're going to get these around that time at this point. What is taking so long Big Bad?!? Other outlets have already had this last wave for close to a month now!
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By slaysghosts
I had mine pre-ordered at Amazon and they still haven't shipped. I even got a notification that the shipping date was wrong and that it would take longer.
By Wiggyof9
I'm telling you, cancel and go with atomic empire. Im not trying to advertise for them, but the prices and shipping were just right. Im currently setting up all my GB figures with a box full of DST figure stands now that I finally have the figure house and the NECA TMNT street scene built. In about 2 weeks Ill have the retail version of the NECA set and will have all my GB figures in a nice city display, along with my old NECA GB figures.

I can not wait to see what is next from DST.
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By ccv66
Ordering really doesn't have anything to do with the company, more so with DST supplying them with product. Seems like smaller shops are getting them first. I ordered a set from both atomic and BBTS, see which one comes first. Seems like BBTS had better deals on in stock items.
I don't think they ever planned on a ecto in scale with their figures, pretty sure they said they were leaning to the same size as their DeLorean. With all the other die cast and playmobile cars came out over the past two years probably not worth doing. With the success of the RGB line, hopefully they'll consider one to fit the 7" figures. It would Save me a bunch of money not buying the 1/6 ecto
By Wiggyof9
Zach confirmed there will be no 1:10 scale ecto-1, but there is still interest in a smaller one. My display is disappointed, but my pocket is grateful.

After 2 days of setting up figure displays, i am eager to.see what DST has next for us. I will say though.... that can be very frustrating to pose and keep standing, even with stands. Plus they are so fragile in places.
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