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By Mahalo Fan Boy
I own the Golden Proton Pack (Wal-Mart Pre-Order) DLC, and the Ghostbusters 2 Flightsuit (Gamestop Pre-Order) DLC. However I have been searching for the Mayor and Ghoul Heads (Best Buy Pre-Order) DLC for the past 2 years with no luck. (There is a guy on Ebay selling one for $300) Do you guys know where I could find one at a reasonable price?
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By Manuel_Dust23
Don't worry about the "Ghoul and Mayor of NYC characters" Pre-order DLC from Best Buy mate ;)
As I could see on some YT Videos and after some researching It was an online only DLC, that means It was only available for the Multiplayer Mode and since the online servers for Xbox 360 and PS3 are shut down, I don't think you would need It, unless you're playing It on Xbox One thanks to the Backwards Compatibility.

So, in other words the GB2 Flight Suit and the Gold Proton Pack can be used for Single Player Mode.

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