By navarre1095
Our local group disbanded and I procured this beastie from one of the members. I intend to finish tricking this baby out.
I'm calling it a Mobile Laser Containment Unit.
The lights work but they are wired in roughly. I'm going to install a siren and a roof rack too.
There is a place near the wheel wheel that rusted through. I sprayed expanding foam in the hole and painted it fluorescent green like ectoplasm was leaking out.
ImageECTO van
ImageECTO can
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By navarre1095
It had a hole in the side from rust. I filled it with spray foam and painted it with sublime green Plasti-dip. I don't expect that it will last very long but it looks cool for now.
All of the rust spots on it got primed and painted with Sublime green Plasti-dip as well.
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By BRD 527
I wasnt sure how that would look by the way you described it but it looks very cool!!! :cool:
By BRD 527
I like the new lightbar! you should ditch the modern whelen bars and try to find a second bar like the one you just added. Is that a Federal Signal or Code3? I really like those old bars, I have a Federal Signal Aerodynic
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By Crabapple86
Hello from Seattle! I recently acquired one of my company's retired a delivery vans. It's a 2003, Ford e-250. I'm going to be turning it into a Ghostbusters ECTO Van. I started a week ago, and then found your post today! I work for a marine supply company, and I have already started acquiring broken cast off radar assemblies. Mainly for the motors. I have the no ghost logo on my van already, and I'm started the safety reflective tape. I need to find the call us, we believe you, and the phone number vinyls. I've got some of the parts to start the roof rack, and I need to get new wheel covers because the ones I have are dented and mangled.

If I find inspiration in anything you do? I will give you credit for it should I do it.

Robotnik confirmed.

Find the Bumper sticker.

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