I attached the plastic Go Came helmet attachment to the body of the pack and the screw on bottom camera bracket to the Wand...

It holds as intended and slides in and off without the metal edges to worry about...

https://twitter.com/magsteddy_inzo/stat ... 0397188096

Zoom in on that area...
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I think most people have their packs now. If you are looking for a pretty simple DIY project for adding the powercell and cyclotron lights using about $60 in parts (you'll have a ton of extras. I just can't find the individual parts on amazon.) Check this out. Here's a video of the current code:

Everything is on github here:

https://github.com/CountDeMonet/Arduino ... itMinimial

And the most simple diagram of how to set it up for the code to work.


The mounts for the leds can be easily made from Styrofoam for the power cell and dixie cups for the cyclotron but I have included 3D models for printing if you have a printer here:

https://github.com/CountDeMonet/Arduino ... onPackMods

Also included are a few extras like the gun track for the wand and a v-hook. I posted all of this in the proton pack section but thought it would be good to show it here as well.

If you have the ability to 3d print here is a replacement wand for the spirit pack. I'm finishing up mine now with the stock nose LED.


Now I'm off on my next adventure. My son wants me to build a full size astromech droid by Halloween next year. A bit to learn between now and then and a lot of printing... Thanks Star Wars...
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Ahhh, man, I read the date wrong on their website because I forgot that in America month and day are changed unlike here in Germany. I read it as 3rd of January :oops:

I ordered mine via the father of a coworker who has an apo address in Germany and I got worried why it hasn't arrived yet... :lol:

I hate waiting, I wanted it to wear on the German carnival and now I miss it :-?
SuperDuperCK wrote: February 17th, 2019, 9:54 am After having it a few years it still holds up. I just need that backpack accessory found at military outlets and that would be that. Over all it is a good proton pack. I would recommend this product to others. ☺
I ended up buying a reproduction ALICE frame off Amazon, working great so far, and I got a replacement motherboard off of Ebay.
Hey gang, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I’m trying to piece together a proton pack for my 5yr old niece for this Halloween.

I’ve read the spirit pack is 80% smaller then the real size. I was wondering if someone could give me the overall width and height of the spirit pack, the 2 lines highlighted in red is what I’m looking for


I can then trace this out on cardboard and mock it up to her back to see if it’s still too big or not. And if it isn’t then I can just buy the spirit pack instead of spending months 3d printing it lol

Any help is greatly appreciated guys! When I reveal it to her I’ll share the video here

Thanks again!
Coover5 wrote:It may still work for your kid but the spirit pack is 20% smaller then the original pack making it about 80% the size of the original. Not the other way around. Just mentioning that if you did the rough math on it being 80% smaller.
Coover thanks for the quick reply. As for the math, I just took the measurements from Stephan’s plans and compared them to the little 2016 proton pack she wears now. Which is really small for her

If I could get the exact measurements of the spirit pack, it would really help me decide

I seriously think I’m just going to order it this weekend, if the pack is too big the gun would work for her anyway..

Has anyone fit the GB fans sound board and thrower kit inside the spirit pack?
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