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By SonofSamhain
Forgive me if this has been discussed already as I've been away from the site for some time, but did that Glenn Hughes & Pat Thrall version of the original Ghostbusters theme that was featured in the teaser trailer ever resurface?


I know someone was working on a really good full-length remake of the instrumental at one point. Did that ever come to pass?
By Dr.D
Here's the difference though, Fort Detmerring scene was filmed and developed to the point where it was better to hang onto the film rather than simply dispose of it. I have a feeling there was no real impetus to preserve whatever Hughes and Thrall created for the project.

I also feel like a few years ago someone on these boards went deep into searching for it and even reached out to the artists but nothing came up.

To me the real holy grail next is a clean recording of the RGB theme...
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By Alex Newborn
Here's something unexpected.

I got to see a sneak peek recently of an UNEDITED version of the ShoWest exhibitor reel, currently being digitized for everyone to see by Zed Richards and Derek Osborn.

It contained a never-before-heard song. When I extemporized the host segment of a video on the topic, I dimly remembered hearing a couple of years back that the trailer song was NOT by Hughes and Thrall after all, so I wondered if *this* might be the missing Hughes and Thrall song instead.

And yesterday, James Greene Jr.-- who'd been in contact with Glenn Hughes' management-- broke the news on Facebook (and Twitter, I think) that it was indeed confirmed to be by Hughes/Thrall.

I'm sure this will lead to some new debates on the topic.


[By the way, I've since seen the raw digital transfer of the full ShoWest trailer, and I can't wait until Zed and Derek have it ready for everyone to see!]


No one's caught it yet, but I accidentally said "Glenn Thrall" in the second video, but I meant to say "Glenn Hughes". Whoops.
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By mrmichaelt
Here's something unexpected.
Video #1: I like that you're multi-tasking but you got me nervous with you driving and recording at the same time. :P

Video #2: I feel your pain, Alex.

But holy smokes! I thought this was solved but the real Hughes and Thrall song was in the ShoWest trailer's full version?! Insanity. So what the hell is the song in the teaser trailer? A remix? Something else entirely?
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By ghoulishfright
So what the hell is the song in the teaser trailer? A remix? Something else entirely?

The artist behind the teaser trailer song is currently unknown. From Spook Central:
Originally, this song was thought to have been performed by Pat Thrall and Glenn Hughes, based on the information quoted below. However, on June 26, 2019, I spoke with author James Greene Jr. for a Ghostbusters book he was writing, and he told me that he played it for Pat Thrall, who said that this particular song was not theirs. Their song was more "groove rock, very '80s, with an overly big drum sound".
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By Alex Newborn
Video #1: I like that you're multi-tasking but you got me nervous with you driving and recording at the same time. :P
Be glad I decided not to include the outtakes, LOL.

It's funny, though, I was terrified of driving for over 21 years. I didn't get my license until I was 37, and now I am evidently more comfortable with it.

That particular morning, I was heading to my Mother's house because of a slight disaster, and the ten-minute drive was going to be my only chance of the day to record anything.

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