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By Ectojeff88
So I don’t recall anyone posting about visiting the Los Angeles library location where the basement scenes were filmed.

630 West 5th Street

Is the basement stacks area still there and/or accessible?

Planning to visit on my Fan Fest trip, and the Biltmore Hotel is just right around the corner too!
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By Kingpin
I recall something noting the stacks had been refurbished, so even though they're likely still in the same location, they may no longer have the layout they did in 1984.
They'd also (very likely) be off-limits to the public, you could try writing to them to enquire about a visit, but they may still ultimately turn down the request.
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By back
I figured as much. It’s definitely worth writing and/or inquiring at the info desk. Even if the layout is different, it would be a thrill to be in the same room!

Fingers crossed!
Remember your Camera ;-)
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By deadderek
Keep an eye out for symmetrical bookstanding...
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