Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
By Dr.D
Especially looking at their Spock and many of their other offerings, these are a real buzzkill. The likenesses are off, the layering on the outfits is pretty dismal, and the pack straps are really wonky. Looks like Blitzway swooped in a stole the show. Really bummed, I had high hopes for these and it looks like Mezco threw these to their B-team. :whatever:
By Dr.D
The soft sculpts would be one thing, but the uniforms and pack straps were my biggest gripes. I'm a pretty big fan of Mezco's figures and the fact that for the most part they bucked the trend of soft-goods figures looking like slightly-better Mego figures. Their Star Trek and DC/Marvel comics figures have been some of the best out there for those properties. But their Ghostbusters looked hastily thrown together and almost like a product from another company. Especially when compared to the new Thor Ragnarok figures, who seem to have nailed some of the likenesses better than anything they've done before.

Hoping this delay is a sign they want to do these right, but who knows.
By Jangonate
Decided to raise this thread from the dead. Mezco's been trolling social media with Ghostbusters images and hints. Today may be the day preorders finally go live.

Big Mezco One:12 fan. Excited to get these, but Toy Fair said holiday 2018, so there's still a wait ahead.
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By ccv66
The figures look good, uniforms look bad. I'm sure they probably look better in person, but $300 dollar price tag is hard to swallow. I can't imagine this does well considering that you could buy 20 bigger DST figures for the same price as the 4 of these.
By Jangonate
I've been all in on Mezco One:12 and nearly every figure has been amazing. I'm giving these a chance because of it. I do hope they add some missing details to the pack though, like the ribbon cable.

$300 is actually a good price for four (or four and a half if you count slimer) One:12 figures. They average $80 a piece and these come in at $75.

I really like my DST GBs, but they're stiff and prone to breakage. The articulation and quality of Mezco One:12 is noticeably better. They're the only expensive collector grade figures I own that I feel were meant to be played with.
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By Doctor Venkman
they look terrible, easy pass, and i collect almost everything gb related.
Completely agree. The suits look so oversized, it makes the figures look like cheap dolls rather than the high-end collectibles they're supposed to be.

Even if they were similarly priced to the DST figures, they'd still be an easy pass in favor of those. With the DST figures being 1/3 of the price, it makes it an extremely easy pass, almost laughably so.
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By godgundam23
packs missing a few things is an understatement...


can see its missing the gearbox hose, wires from the hga and to the pack, ion arm pole, ribbon cable, etc etc, too many details left out.
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By CrlKysr
I don't think the packs are the production versions we'll ultimately get. From the looks of it the packs will have some additional details added and what we're seeing in those pics are unfinished prototypes. You can see where the parts will plug in actually. I think they'll be film accurate when they're done.
By mbd
They are okay so whoever likes them can buy them but I personally will be sticking with DST for value for money and range of different figures especially with..... :whatever: :cool: :blush: :sigh: coming soon
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By Doctor Venkman
So at our local con this weekend, the booth across from us had these on sale, so we did a fun unboxing live video on Facebook.

I'll say, since these debuted, I thought they looked like absolute crap. That said, in person, these are REALLY nice. To the point that I was considering buying the set from the booth. One of our members ending up buying them, and when he completely unboxed them and took pictures again, the thought occurred to me that these figures really just don't photograph well... because I thought that didn't look that good again.

So, in person, these are really nice figures, very detailed, and they don't look as doll-like as the pictures make them seem.
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By Jangonate
Just had to stop by and share my love of these figures, too. The road to get to this point was filled with ups and downs as news broke and prototypes were revealed. But having these in hand is something special. Hands down my favorite Ghostbusters figures. The suits fit great, the likenesses are nice and the packs are great. Really fun to play with, too.
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By Ectotainment
I'm curious to see if anyone else that has these figures have incomplete ghost traps. Specifically the trap pedal is missing some parts. I have 2 boxes, both are missing the vector plate pedal cover and the red and yellow hoses. Both items can be seen on the box art.


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